Apollo - Young Glory 2014-2015                

Yulenka Rebello & Michaela Aulisio

Brief: Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) destroy the human civilisation? Take position: either pro AI or con AI.

Rationale: Artificial Intelligence is an amazing technology which is advancing at an alarming rate. The positive aspects of AI are numerous however, the costs outweigh the benefits. A lot of money is being invested into the development of the technology which could be better used elsewhere seeing as the immediate benefits will be primarily benefitting people who live in first world countries. AI is designed to eventually take over blue collar jobs, as well as military positions. This is frightening is two ways: job loss for the humans that invested in creating them, and military decisions made by Intelligence which has a humanity gap.

Artificial Intelligence is designed to overcome obstacles, and can possibly redesign itself so that it can handle new challenges. What happens when it continually redesigns itself better to the point where humans can’t control it anymore? The scientific community is not the only one who should be concerned about this possible impending doom.

BIG IDEA: Show them who’s boss

Insight: People are scared of what they don’t know, and imagining a world where humans are not in control, and are not in a position of power is frightening. We plan on building on this inherent fear in our campaign.

The campaign: This campaign would center around propaganda which is designed to look like it is targeted at AI robots, whom are assumed to be in the power position in the civilization we’re implying is going to exist.  

Print/Radio ad example: 

Primeline 2.0, the new and improved leash for your human
Has your human been acting up? Trying to get away? Caught red-handed attempting to configure your database? Show them who’s boss! Introducing PRIMELINE 2.0, the revamped leash to keep your pesky humans in line!

New Features Include:

Get yours delivered today and get your humans under control!

Follow up message: Artificial Intelligence is an amazing technology which is advancing at an alarming rate.

The message: A world where we are not in control is a world to be feared. That world is close to existing if we continue to pursue the establishment of AI.