Eruption and Destruction



     It is  one of many natural disasters. They can range from completely safe to DEADLY. Rapid lava spilling down the side. Active? Or Inactive? Will we ever know? Read this to find out.Image result for volcanoes

What Causes A Volcano To Erupt?

      Volcanoes erupt when Magma builds up under Earth’s crust and forces its way to Earth’s surface. The magma is held deep underground in something that is called a Magma Chamber. Volcanoes can also erupt if there are already  Natural Vents in the ground, which allow magma to get to the surface without getting through as much ground. Whenever there is an eruption the magma is less Dense than everything above it. Causing the magma to rise upward and erupt. Whenever a volcano erupts the lava can either flow slowly or come out rapidly and be violent. So as you can see there is a special process.

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Where Are Most Volcanoes Located And Why?

      Volcanoes are one of nature’s  deadliest disasters. Most volcanoes are located near and in the Ring Of Fire. The Ring Of Fire is known for its regular earthquake and volcano activity. Half of the world volcanoes are located in the Ring Of fire. The Ring Of Fire is located on the coastline of most countries  by the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Plate is a oceanic plate that holds many Continental Plates including The North American Plate, The South American Plate, The Philippine Plate, The Australian and Indian Plate, And the Eurasian Plate. The movement of these plates is what causes volcanoes. Most volcanoes are located in The Ring Of Fire because it’s close to the Pacific Plate. So as you can see   The Ring Of Fire has the most volcanoes`.Image result for ring of fire

How Are Volcanoes Formed

      Volcanoes are formed anywhere where the Earth’s crust can pass Magma to the surface. Usually around Plate boundaries, Where two plates separate, and when two plates collide. Plate boundaries are the lines where two or more plates meet. If plate boundaries shift, that's when some natural disasters can happen, in this case a volcano can form. Another way a volcano can form is if two plates separate . Two plates separating is also breaking the boundary. Finally when two plates crash or collide it causes the ground to elevate which is another example of how a volcano is formed.   elevate which is another example Image result for how are volcanoes formed 


What Are The Different Parts Of A Volcano

      There are a total of twelve different parts of a volcano. This includes Magma, A parasitic cone, sill, the flank, lava, the crater, conduit, summit, the throat, ash, and the ash cloud. The first part of a volcano includes parts like…

Part Of The Volcano

What it is or does


Molten rock beneath Earth’s surface


 A piece of flat rock


Extremely small pieces of rock


Magma that solidifies and cools

The Conduit Pipe

An underground passage that magma travels through

The Crater

The mouth of the volcano

The Throat

The passage that magma uses to get to the mouth of the volcano

The Vent

Where all the volcanic materials escape

The Parasitic Cone

A mini volcano on the side of a volcano

Ash Cloud

A cloud of ash

The Flank

The rock on the outside of the volcano