Friends of Austin Neighborhoods (FAN) - FAQ

  1. What Is FAN? We’re the voice of inclusive neighborhoods in Austin, welcoming abundant and diverse housing and residents of all socio-economic backgrounds. Recognizing that we all live in neighborhoods, we strive to provide broader and more effective neighborhood representation for the people of Austin.
  2. Who can become a member of FAN? We welcome everyone as members. Your neighborhood association can become a member. You may also participate individually as an at large member. All we ask is that you enthusiastically support the FAN vision.
  3. What does FAN do for its members? Members of FAN work with each other to share ideas and best practices for improving neighborhoods, keep themselves informed about city policies, take positions to influence policies that affect our neighborhoods, and organize social events that all members can enjoy.
  4. What is an at-large member of FAN? At large members of FAN are individuals who want to be a part of the city-wide neighborhood community, whether or not they reside within the boundaries of a member neighborhood association.
  5. How can a neighborhood or individual join FAN? Complete our short application, and we’ll follow up with you.
  6. How much does it cost to be a FAN? Membership in FAN is free.
  7. How can I learn more about FAN? Besides reading this FAQ and our vision, and browsing the rest of our website, you can contact us for more information. Let us know if you’d like our outreach team to listen, present, or answer questions at your next neighborhood association meeting.