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Commission Form

Artist Terms of Service (ToS)

By commissioning Dook you agree to these terms of service. Terms may be subject to change without prior warning. Failure to abide by these terms may result in delay or cancellation of service, or being barred from future service.

Effective: 2/1/15


Paypal ( ) is my prefered and most common accepted form of payment.

It is assumed unless otherwise specified that you will be paying through this service.

However, I also accept payment through...


-Amazon (US only) Gift Cards

-Steam Games

If you wish to use one of these other alternative options, please mention it when applying for your commission.

All Commission Prices are in USD

If that is not your native currency, you are responsible for any additional conversion fees.

Payment Instructions

Payment is due upfront and in full before any work is started, or half up front depending on the kind of commission.

Once your commission info and references are received, you will be contacted with the final price, and address to send payment to.

A due date for payment will be specified either at the time the commission is applied for, or when the note is sent; usually 48-96 hours from the time the commission was applied for.

Nonpayment or failure to make other arrangements may result in your commission being canceled. When possible a reminder will be sent before cancellation, but there is no guarantee of this.

Any payment in excess of the given price is considered a tip and is non-refundable.

If you need to delay payment for any reason, please reply as soon as you are given a price/payment info, to prevent cancellation.

If you are splitting payment between multiple parties, please consolidate it into as few payments as possible. Please do not split payments into more than three transactions.

Reposting and Copyright

Please credit me, or link back to my page/the original post when and where possible.

Please do not post altered (redraw, recoloured, etc) without permission.

If you are the commissioner of a piece, cropping/resizing for use as avatars/banners is permitted.

Unless commissioned specifically for this purpose, use on paysites, advertisements, in conjunction with a business or organization, and other for-profit venture is disallowed.

When posting to art sites, please abide by the AUP (that is, almost anyone can post any image to a chan or archival site, but you may only post images made for/by you on art sites such as FurAffinity).

While you may print an image for personal, private use, you may not make prints of my work for resale or redistribution.

I retain the right to repost, resell in either digital or print form, or rework any image I create, as I see fit (ie: using commissions in an ad for my gallery, or sold as part of a portfolio or featured in some way on a crowdfunding site/gallery)

I retain the copyright to all images. When commissioning me, you are buying my time and permission for limited, personal use.

You may not resell or alter it for publication, prints, adoptables, etc.

If your picture is to remain private, please tell me at the time it is commissioned. I am flexible about this, but there may be additional charges. Your public posting of an image voids my agreement to keep an image private.

Subject Matter/Rejected Commissions

I reserve the right to decline any commission at any time, for any reason (including but not limited to: Subject Matter, Miscommunication, Language Barrier, Time Restrictions).

Most subject matter, content, and ratings are permissible. However, I will not draw child/animal abuse (including, but not limited to sexual situations), or content I see as intentionally derogatory (racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise marginalizing/inciting violence towards a group of people), or intended to harass/abuse an individual.

On adult subject matter I would prefer a bit more information upfront and may reserve the right to withhold my signature on the piece or ask that my name not be included on said commissioned work.

If you are uncertain, please inquire, but be specific in your inquiry so that I might give you the best, most accurate answer.


No refunds will be given for completed/nearly completed work.

For not-yet-started work, you will be refunded the full amount, in the form paid, minus a 3USD processing fee.

If your commission has been started, your refund will be based on the amount of time I have spent on it (calculated at the rate of $30/hr, to my best estimation).

Please contact me via email or FA/Weasyl notes to request a refund. Allow 48 hours for a reply.

Please allow up to 28 business days for the refund to process.

Use or threats of using chargebacks will bar you from future service.

Time Frame

Queue is updated as I work and posted here: (Still working up an effective place to post updates to folks)

I am usually willing to meet specific deadlines, if specified at the time of commission (ie, I need this for a birthday on Saturday). I may choose to decline a commission if I cannot work within said deadline. Additional charges may apply.

There is typically a timeframe announced for each new batch of commissions when they are open. Please bear in mind that this is an estimation and assume the possibility of the timeframe exceeding that by up to 14 days.


Unless otherwise requested, most art is streamed as it is worked on.

While most work is streamed, there is no promise that the streaming of any individual piece will align with the commissioner’s availability. However, I do strive to be flexible and work with people’s schedules when it is reasonable to do so.

No additional notifications or personal correspondence is made concerning the day/time of individual stream times. It is the commissioner’s responsibility to check journals/announcements and follow the stream if they choose to watch.

Exception is made for private or by-the-hour streams which will be held at agreed upon times.

Requests for minor, timely revisions can be made by the commissioner as the work is streamed.

I may decline a request for a revision if the image is past a point where I feel it would be reasonable to do so.

Only minor revisions (usually colouring) will be done after the image is completed/posted.

Streams are for entertainment purposes only; the images are not collaborative efforts, and are not an invitation to make major changes, additions or micromanage the commission.

Applying For Commissions

Commission openings, along with the relevant application are made available via journal postings on FA, Weasyl, Twitter, Tumblr, or Furry Network.

If you wish to purchase timed, by-the-hour commissions, you may contact me via note or e-mail at anytime and the form will be provided.

Please use a separate application for each image you are applying for.

Please include relevant references with each application.

If you feel you have forgotten a detail or would like to update a reference, please update your info in a note or email. A reply to the correspondence with the payment information is typically best.

Some additional references or information may affect the price of your commission.

If there are questions about your commission application, they will typically be asked before the price is set.

There is not typically an opportunity to add more information after applying, so please read and consider your application carefully before submitting it.

Thank you!

Dook 2016