Private Information

Your Task

Make a TV commercial (for kids prime time) that talks about the importance of keeping your personal information private.

Success Criteria

DC Message:

  1. Your message needs to be positive
  2. 1 or 2 sentences
  1. 1 that says what it is
  2. 1 that says why it’s important

Taking Photos with iPads for a Video

  1. hold the ipad with 2 hands, without covering the picture lens
  2. stay steady when taking the picture
  3. be careful with ipads/walk with ipads
  4. watch out for other people when taking pictures
  5. “landscape” to fit on TV screen
  6. may need to get close, depending on the picture

Audio Recording:

  1. Speak slowly so the message is clear.
  2. No background noise
  3. Speak clearly and use expression
  4. Be the right distance from the mic - pinky to thumb