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1) Which is NOT true about Tejanos?

A. Tejanos were people of Spanish heritage who lived in Texas.

B. Some Tejanos fought for independence from Mexico.

C. Tejanos greatly outnumbered the American settlers in Texas.

D. Most Tejanos had been in Texas longer than most Americans.

2) What about the American settlers in Texas upset Mexican leaders?

A. Many Texans held slaves.

B. Many Texans became Roman Catholic.

C. Texans fought with Native Americans.

D. All of the above

3) Who commanded the Texas forces at the Battle of the Alamo?

A. Sam Houston

B. Stephen Austin

C. William Travis

D. Brigham Young

4) What were the events at which two locations inspired Texans to continue fighting for independence from Mexico?

A. Gonzales and the Alamo

B. Gonzales and San Jacinto

C. the Alamo and Goliad

D. Goliad and San Jacinto

5) Which was NOT a reason why the admission of Texas as a state was delayed for nearly ten years after Texans gained their independence?

A. Most Texans did not want to become part of the United States.

B. Americans feared that annexing Texas would lead to war with Mexico.

C. Some Americans objected to the existence of slavery in Texas.

D. Northerners did not want to upset the slave-non slave balance in Congress.

6) Which national issue was the reason some people opposed the War with Mexico?

A. the fear that the United States was growing too large to govern

B. the fear that slavery would spread into new territories

C. the fear that another war would bankrupt the national government

D. the fear that Spain would enter the war as Mexico's ally

7) Which action provoked the Mexican War?

A. Polk ordered Zachary Taylor to station troops on disputed land.

B. U.S. troops ambushed a Mexican outpost near the Rio Grande.

C. Mexicans refused to accept the U.S.offer o f$100 million for Texas.

D. All of the above


8) The idea that it was America’s destiny to stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific was called

A. annexation

B.  expansion

C. manifest destiny

D. foreign policy.



9) In December 1845, Texas ‘

A. went to war with Mexico

B. joined the United States

C. won independence from Mexico

D. broke away from the United States


10) Texas claimed that its southern boundary of Texas was was the

A. Rio Grande

B. Nueces River

C. Sabine River

D. Red River.


11) Mexico claimed that its southern boundary of Texas was was the

A. Rio Grande

B. Nueces River

C. Sabine River

D. Red River.



12) The Bear Flag Revolt led to American control of

A. New Mexico

B. California

C. Texas

D. Oregon.


13)  The strategy the United States used to defeat Mexico was to

A. invade Mexico from two directions

B. form a naval blockade around Mexico

C. overthrow Mexico’s government

D. boycott Mexican-made goods.


14) The land the United States gained from Mexico following the War with Mexico was called the

A. Chapultepec

B. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

C Mexican Cession

D. Gadsden Purchase.


15) What was the name of the treaty that ended the Mexican American War?

A. Treaty of Chapultepec

B. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

C Treaty of Mexican Cession

D. Treaty of  Gadsden Purchase.