One boiling sunny day in Logdon,gru was a tree man (a bit like groot from guardians of the Galaxy) who was lying on the beach daydreaming in a cool breeze. He was dreaming about crabs, gru absolutely adored crabs  I guess you could call him a crabaholic. He always had wanted a crab of his own. Suddenly a huge wave came crashing down. Washing away everything in its path.

A giant robotic crab rose out of the ocean. It came to gru and gave him a chocolate milkshake, he said to everybody 'do you want a milkshake?' There was a loud YES! And crabERT went around giving everybody milkshakes. Gru decided to call the crab crabbert.

Some time later in the afternoon gru took Crabbert home. As they grew over the crowded streets people walked away from gru and the robot, they all stood still because they were too scared to even move. The echoes of clunks faded as they walked on. Crabbert stopped. he pulled something out from one of his drawers, it was chocolate. He gave it to a sad little girl, she smiled and hugged Crabbert. She looked like the happiest girl in the world.

Crabbert gave out  chocolate to everyone, the last man that got chocolate hated crabs. He threw the chocolate on the floor and kicked the crab, Crabbert only feels happiness, so he didn't get angry or rampage. He just walked along with gru on his back.

When they got home milly gru's wife said 'what's this?'. Gru said 'my pet crab.'  Would you like a Moro bar?' 'No but thanks for the offer, you can keep him in the shed' said milly gru was ecstatic. Gru got 7,000 buckets of water. He filled the shed with it. He made sure there was some air at the top, and sand at the bottom, so Crabbert felt right at home. With oil and fish as his food.

At the bad mans house, to be specific at mr nubbys house. Mr nubby was planning To kill crabbert!

Mr nubby came over to gru's house for tea,Gru invited him in. Milly was still preparing the Dinner. Gru and mr nubby HAD a great chat. When gru WAsn’t looking mr nubby slipped out the door. The next minute something went bang! Mr nubby was outside shooting Crabbert! he was DEAD!  Mr nubby HAD killed Crabbert! Gru had broke out crying. when he had manned up, he called the king,

the castle guards came straight away. it was against the law to kill animals OR people without permission, 'many people have died for that crime' announced the king. Tomorrow was gru's birthday as well as Crabberts funeral,  'this is going to be the saddest birthday ever' thought gru, and of he went.

On the day of the funeral gru called his brother borry,and invited him to the funeral. he said yeah I'll come brah, the time OF the funeral came, it was all black. First thing was presents gru got flowers,clothes and crab lollies.

Then the actual funeral happened. At the end gru got his last gift from his twin….    it was a CRAB gru was sooooooo ecstatic, but one warning he got was don't spill xxx chemical on the crab. Oh no whoops xxx chemical spilt on to the crab. gru felt like screaming, why did we even have it here! and borry got the flowers that gru HAD  got as a gift, and fed it to the crab gru was still screaming ' MUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY' and stopped.