The Canadian Women Artists’ Award is open to female Canadian citizens between the ages of 21 and 35 who are living and working in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, including students in bachelor’s or master’s degree programs. All applicants must be able to provide proof of Canadian citizenship and can apply in the following categories:

•        Architecture/Environmental Structures/Design

•        Choreography

•        Crafts/Sculpture

•        Digital/Electronic Arts

•        Fiction

•        Folk/Traditional Arts

•        Interdisciplinary Work

•        Music/Sound

•        Nonfiction Literature

•        Painting

•        Photography

•        Playwriting/Screenwriting

•        Poetry

•        Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts

•        Video/Film

The $5,000 award is supported by funding granted to NYFA by the Canadian Women’s Club (CWC) of New York as a way to continue its philanthropic work when it disbanded. The award is designed to provide financial support to an emerging or early career artist working in any discipline, and can be used in any manner the recipient deems necessary to further her artistic goals.


All applicants must be able to provide proof of Canadian citizenship.

Application Deadline

Friday, June 30, 2017 at 11: 59PM


How to Apply:


1. Create a new application online                

All applications and work samples must be uploaded and submitted via the online application at https://apply.nyfa.org/. NYFA does not accept any physical copies of applications.


Applicants must create an account with submittable.com in order to access the application form and to upload their support materials. If you do not already have an user account with submittable.com you must create one with your name and email address in order to apply. Once you’ve created a login you can use this to submit to any organization that accepts applications supported by submittable.


Click on the Canadian Women Artists Award category and enter your details and then click on Create Account and Continue. A​ verification email will be sent to your email address. Check your inbox and click the link provided in the email to verify your account.


2. Fill out your applicant information                

All applicants are required to submit their contact information. Your name will be the title of your application and we will match this with your eligibility documents so please provide your full legal name as it appears on all government issued forms of identification.


Successful applicants will have the opportunity to be publicized under a preferred name should they be selected for the award. Applicants may also provide a link to their website if they so wish.


3. Submit your Work Statement                                

Applicants must submit a 200 word (max) work statement that explains your artistic practice as exemplified in your work samples. This could give more context as to the conceptual underpinning of the work or focus on the processes. When constructing your statement it is important that you are clear and concise in your writing.


Things to consider when writing your Work Statement

4. Upload your Work Samples                                                

Applicants must submit examples of their work. You have the choice to submit one of the following based on your artistic discipline:


Applicants must upload 8 ​digital images of their work. These must be jpg files with the .jpg extension. RGB is the recommended color profile for screen viewing and your image resolution should be 72 dpi to avoid pixelation. You can use image editing software such as Photoshop to edit, resize, and format your images. Images files should be numbered in the order you would like them to be seen and labeled with your last name, e.g ­ S​mith01.jpg, Smith02.jpg, Smith03.jpg.


No composite images will be reviewed. A composite image is a single image file that is comprised of multiple images. Please also provide caption information for each image that includes the title, date, materials, dimensions, and any additional information.


Applicants may upload 1​­ - 2 full length video samples of their work and 2 excerpts (2 min max) from each. If you’re submitting just 1 full length video sample you must supply 2 excerpts from that sample. Each video sample must relate to one project only. Submitting video samples comprised of multiple clips from different projects is not recommended. “Sizzle Reels” and Trailers should also be avoided. Titles and credits should not be included in excerpts.​


When editing your video it is important to ensure that your file is formatted correctly so that your video will play across a range of platforms whilst maintaining quality. Therefore it is important to choose the right codec and container for your file. A codec is a method for encoding and decoding data and what is used for compressing data, particularly video. Choosing the right container can depend on several desired outcomes: file size, playback quality, capabilities for re­-editing, etc… There are many codecs to choose from but h​.264 is the preferred format because of it’s versatility and superior quality.


A container is typically associated with file format and what is used to “contain” and package the data as compressed by the codec. The container is indicated by a file extension such as .mov (Quicktime) or .mp4 (MPEG4). There are many codec and container combinations but h​.264, .m​ov, and .​m4a are preferred as they are supported by a wide range of media players with little loss of quality.



Applicants must submit 1​­ - 2 original compositions in their entirety and 2 excerpts from each sample (2 mins max). If you are submitting just 1 full length sample you must supply 2 excerpts from that sample. Audio files should be numbered in the order you would like them to be reviewed and labeled with your last name, e.g ­ S​mith01.jpg, Smith02.jpg, Smith03.jpg. NYFA accepts audio samples in the following file formats: ​Wav, Aiff, or Mp3.


Please upload a PDF that includes:


Do not include publication and/or production information anywhere on your manuscript.​ Do not include your artistic résumé in your PDF. Scanned excerpts from books or periodicals in published form will not be accepted. Manuscripts must be in English, but can be translated into English by someone other than the artist.


All manuscripts must be in 12­ point font and double ­spaced. If you’re submitting a Playwriting/Screenwriting manuscript you may use your preferred formatting.


5. Upload your Résumé                                        

Applicants may also provide a 1 page PDF résumé that details your artistic career as it relates to the discipline in which you have applied. You may choose CV (bullet­ed) or bio (paragraph) format.


6. Submit your Eligibility Documents                        

To be eligible for this award applicants must provide proof of Canadian citizenship. You are required to upload a scan of one of the following documents with your name and photo clearly displayed:                                        


If born outside of Canada, provide one of the following documents issued by Citizenship and Immigration in Canada:


Once you’ve completed all the fields in the application and uploaded your work samples and eligibility documents click “Submit”. You will receive an email notification informing you that your application has been successfully submitted.


Once submitted, you will no longer be able to make changes to your application so do make sure you’ve reviewed everything carefully prior to submitting.


Please contact f​ellowships@nyfa.org​ with any further questions.