Mad Science gets students excited about science. Event programming is designed for larger than classroom sized groups of kids and can combine shows, demonstrations and hands-on components.

Spectacular Science Shows - $285 + HST

45–60 minutes of high energy, highly visual experiments that will wow both children and adults alike. A number of themes are available:

Fire & Ice - get ready for some sizzlin’ excitement! Join us for safe and scientific fun with fire

and ice! Learn about the amazing properties of fire and combustion. Then, cool off with spectacular demonstrations involving dry ice! Check out the Big Burp and the famous Mad Science Shower, as we will explore the science of sublimation.

Up Up & Away - You think homework is pressure? Just wait until you learn how the weight of the earth’s atmosphere pushes down on you with the force of two elephants! Explore how Bernoulli’s principle creates enough lift to make a jumbo jet fly or how air pressure can be used to launch a hot air balloon.

Beach Show - Visit the beach Mad Science style! Learn the science secrets for summer survival, join us for Bernoulli Beach Volleyball, and hover surfing, get cooled down after a hot day the Mad Science way. If you’re lucky you might even enjoy a Mad Science BBQ, or witness some very special fish.

Jungle Show - Examine the fascinating (and sometimes gross) ways that jungle creatures survive and thrive in their environment. With wacky antics, edge of your seat thrills and lots of audience participation, the kids won’t even realize that they are learning!

Winter, Christmas, and Halloween themed shows also available

NOTE – A travel charge, based on current fuel price, will apply for schools outside of the City of London  area

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Mad Science of London