What is the Role of Mission Today?  Guided Questions for High School Students

Topic: The Role of Mission in the Contemporary World

Resource: Field Afar Series - Bob McCahill (Summary: Father Bob McCahill’s Muslim neighbors call him Bob Bhai (Brother Bob) as he serves the poor and sick in Jesus’ name.)


  • Address talk question
  • Address pre-conceived notions of mission
  • Share notion of God’s love
  • Address previous failures of mission
  • Bob McCahill as example of mission today
  • Applying to own life

Objective: SWBAT explain the role of mission in the modern world.

Assessment: SW answer and ask questions about mission and the experience of Maryknoll priest Bob McCahill.

Prior Knowledge: Minimal understanding of colonial/imperial history

Introduction: What is Maryknoll

Why I Am Here:

Video Questions

So, What is Mission?

Extending the Discussion

New and Old Models of Mission

Extending the Discussion

Wrapping up Bob’s Story

Student reactions

Student Questions

Wrap-up comments