DHMN Organizational Meeting

Jan. 28, 2013

Call to Order

Present: Bob T-son, Bob L-dron Erin Q-L, Paul K, Mark F., Ed K., Mark F., Mike P.

Late arrivals: Jake

Approve Minutes


Treasurer's Report

Dec 2012 balance: $1445.97

1/26/2013 January Transfers (from paypal to bank acct) in Progress: $443.31

1/26/2013 Monthly subscriptions total: $315

1/26/2013 # of Paying Members: 8

Average per member: $39.38

Debts: None

Credits: $750 3D Printer fund

2012 Taxes and Annual reporting:

We're in progress for filing, expected to complete by end-of-February.

Approve: Bob L-dron

Seconded: Erin Q-L.


Old Business

3D Printer: Bob T: Where are we at? Who should lead? How about Alex? Let Mark and Alex bounce the ideas around. Bob T will manage from behind.

New Business

Mike: discuss dues structure (he has a document to pass around)

We have a consensus on keeping membership simple as defined in the DHMN FASS document.

Mike will put up a survey to find out how many members we can anticipate if we have a facility at proposed membership dues.

Paul will submit DHMN to Governor’s Business Plan Contest.


Move to Adjourn: Erin Q-L

Seconded: Ed K.