IFSI 2016 (Fall)


Here is a list of items that should appear in your portfolio by the end of our fall days together.  It is perfectly fine to simply add them to the portfolio you built over the summer.  Check them off as you complete them. (NOTE: this is a view-only document.  To make it available for editing, click FILE at the top of this document and then select “make a copy” from the menu.  Ta-da!  An editable copy is now in your own docs list, and you can do with it as you wish).


Selection from Rethinking Teaching Practice category

Teaching the Neglected “R”

WRITTEN PIECES (all polished; evidence of drafts)

The Nonfiction/Position Piece (include revisions).

Reflection Letter (this is a reflection on your work from the fall, or you may wish to include the whole scope of the institute).  


Cover/Home page (name, school, contact info, optional dedication)

Let one of us know if you have questions!