Lynn Fanning Elementary School

Kindergarten School Supply List

     School Year 2017 - 2018

  1. 8 boxes - Crayola Crayons (skinny crayons only) 24-count box


  1. Fiskar scissors, 5 inch blunt

  1. 10- pack #2 pencils (yellow only)

  1. Elmer’s white bottle glue, 4 oz. and 10 glue sticks

  1. Two spiral notebooks, wide rule

  1. 1 pack of colored card stock and1 pack of  white card stock

  1. Plastic red and blue napping mat (no cloth, please) Please purchase the thinner mat as the thick red and blue mats do not fit in the cubbies with the backpack.

  1. Book bag - no wheels or Trapper Keepers

  1. Watercolor paints


  1.  2 4-pack dry erase markers (1 pack of thin markers and 1 pack of thick markers)      

  1.  Vinyl zipper pencil pouch

  1.  Crayola markers

  1.  Colored pencils

  1.  1 1-inch 3-ring binder – white with clear view pocket front

**Please print your child’s name on mats, lunch boxes, coats/jackets, and backpacks**