DHMN Organizational Meeting

November 25, 2013

Call to Order

Present: Paul K., Bob T-Son, Mark F., Kristin M., Mike P., Ed K., Sim

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Ed         K.

Seconded: Mark F.


Treasurer's Report

Changes since last report:

Member income:  (lost one full time)




Totals as of 11/25/2013






Approximately $30 (recorded at home, writing report from DHMN)

Total on hand:

1939.73 (plus ~$30 cash)

Moves to approve: Paul K.

Seconded: Bob T-Son


Old Business

Christmas Party: Dec. 14, 6 PM. in the new location. Erin Q-L will provide some decorations and refreshments. Mark F. asked if we could start the party at 4:30 so it would be easier to bring his kids. Mike P. agreed. and we all agreed.

New Business


Bylaws, with the note that Limited Members should be removed in the future. The issue of minor’s rights in the organization will be addressed in a future revision or facility policy.

Move to approve: Paul K.

Seconded: Ed K.

Everyone except Jake approved. Paul will check on his vote.


We can start moving in December: Things needed for the holiday party gets moved by the 14th. Everything else by the end of the month.

Dec. 14 at noon have your personal things packed and labeled, anything unclaimed after that will be considered DHMN property. Starting at noon we will begin moving to the new facility.


Move to Adjourn: Paul K.

Seconded: Ed K.