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Links out to most of my other sites I’ve designed, but latest are also on Luthernet.

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Brave New Church 

Weekly updates provided to Lutheran Radio Church Service


This will be gigantic someday. USE COUPON CODE iknowbrian to sign up for first year free (yes, you’ll be asked for paypal, but you can cancel later if necessary. If it takes more than a year to get customers, i can increase freebie). Create an account. Become a tutor; or don’t. We need people who at least look like tutors in order to get students/parents to join. Then we charge to list and charge to find tutors. Baby steps.  The idea is that anyone can be a tutor for something, and each of us do something well. YOU ARE BETA TESTERS

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New Jax Witty

All about living in Jacksonville.

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This is a subscription site. Full access to all ‘e-books’ also offered on amazon or google. While you can’t Like a whole lot of full articles or stories, some are complete and some are enough to form an opinion.

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The Jeff Movie

The Last Casualty

Leaves of Paper - Poetry for TEACHERS

Numbers Cool Book (James’s book)

Philadelphia Store - The Musical


Set up the selling page for Cranium Chromebook Protector here: 

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I am using #promocave with a bunch of other writers to get tweets and retweets, but if you know a group interested in some of the content you find, send to them. I am brand new to Twitter, but it’s doubled my normal website hits for a few articles I’ve promoted.

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These are other domains I own or sites I run and get ad money for. Designed all of them 

Grace Lutheran Elkhart Lake

Lutheran Radio Church Service



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FYI this is a published Google Docs page, not one of my website creations. It’s supposed to be simple and I can’t control things like hyperlinks opening in new windows. And there’s not a whole lot of a point in adding lots of cool colors and pictures and formatting--it’s a document. However, if you know someone who has a website that looks like this document, they need me.