How To Make Villagers Move Out!

A quick shout out to my friend MooseBreeder who helped me with this guide, and Barnse for proofing it.

Created By: i c e d m o c h a#5004

  • Step 1
  • We're going to refer to this day as Day 1! On Day 1 set your time to anywhere from 12 pm to 3pm. This is when your villagers will be out and about the most. Throughout this process always keep the time between 12pm and 3pm.

  • Step 2
  • Begin speaking to anywhere from one to all of your villagers. Who you choose does not matter, even if it’s your targeted villager you’d like to move out. If you cannot find your villagers, they may be inside of the shops or the museum! Villager selection is COMPLETELY random. There is most likely nothing you can do to make the selection choose your target, I've tried everything. Trust me.

  • Step 3
  • After talking to however many villagers you chose, save your game and close the app completely. You will do this every time you time travel. Set the date +15 days into the future. Re-enter your game and begin searching for a bubble above your villagers heads.

  • Step 4
  • If you do not spot a bubble that is either because; it’s raining, an event, they’re inside, or just not ready to move. To fix this continue time traveling forward +1 days until you find a bubble.

  • Extra’s
  • If the bubble is above the head of the villager you aren’t targeting, simply tell the villager to stay, and either talk to them again or someone new to begin the process all over again. You don’t need to jump ahead another day!

  • It can take anywhere from +1 to +10 days beyond the +15 days to find a bubble, be patient, it will happen.

  • The selection is random! No matter what you do it most likely won’t target who you’re trying to kick out.

  • If you load up and you see it’s an event or it’s raining, just go back and add another day. They can get a bubble in the rain but most are inside so it’s up to you if you’d like to check.

  • I did this for a very long time, it does work 100% of the time! Do not feel as if you have to restart the process, just keep adding a day till you find the bubble.

  • If your target villager is the NEWEST villager to your island, he may not get a bubble. You need to kick someone else out first and THEN target him if this seems to possibly be your issue.

  • If after adding many days after the +15 days and you have yet to see bubbles; set your time back to real time, change it to 12-3pm, and restart the process. I have yet to not be able to find bubbles but incase you do for any reason feel free to try this!

This app is an app that allows you to make your villager wishlists by the way!


This is mine!

I really hope this helps you all! Just dm me if you have any questions!