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(Northwest Folklife compiled) COVID 19 resources

Worker Organizing Toolkit now available!

Solidarity and fight back in the time of COVID-19 

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Green Light Project

The Greenlight Project is a Seattle-based Harm Reduction effort that provides direct outreach to street-based sex workers and drug users. This is a peer led effort, that takes the highest precautions in protecting the anonymity of folks requesting support. Their COVID-19 relief includes but is not limited to direct assistance and resources.

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Seattle Mutual Aid Request Form:


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Español (Spanish):

አማርኛ (Amharic):

ትግርኛ (Tigrinya):

Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese):

Contribute to the COVID-19 Survival Fund for the People:

July 21

Gofundme for Destinie

July 14

Support for Hali fundraise 

July 2

Support for occupation at Jimi Hendrix Park 

June 12th

Healers at CHAZ

Response Collection Sheet:

Form Links:



June 11th

Black voices in Cap Hill

June 8th

Inquests petition

Cops out of schools petition

June 4

Reynolds 6 press conference 

June 2

BLM protest guide

Donation for supplies form

June 3

SPD out of schools

May 30

Justice for Manny


May 28th

MN freedom fund

Bus driver solidarity

May 27th

Prisons are not feminist

Zoom link:

May 25th

Green Light Project



May 22nd

Fundraising for Cambodian American deportees

 May 18th

Phone zap action to support Yakima agricultural workers

a link to this call script:

sign up for the coordinated phone zap

May 15th

Yakima Strike



May 14th

Yakima strike

Hong Kong Atlantic article

Webinar on Uniting Against Deportations to also

May 4th

Mother’s Day Grocery delivery sign up

Wednesday 4/21

Families action in Olympia

Jpay survey

Friday 4/17

Hygiene facilities in Seattle (map) (City list)

King County Metro No to Transit Security Call to Action 

Thursday 4/16

Virtual protest Governor Inslee and DOC

Monday 4/13

Mutual Aid is life-affirming and reciprocal = Antifascist

Friday 4/10

Forks fundraiser for undocumented workers: 

Saturday 4/4

Self organization in times of pandemic: how the masses are reconstructing society

Writings from China

This is the downloadable pdf

Plain text version

Thursday 3/26

Seattle University Food Service workers campaign

Tuesday 3/24

Governor & Department of Corrections Call to Action to Free Incarcerated People from Washington State Prisons

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Contribute to the Green Light Project/ Sex Worker initiated and led fundraising drive

Monday, 3/23/20

Snohomish County Mutual Aid GoFundMe and contact information, plus text only version of graphic



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Sunday, 3/22

Worker Organizing Toolkit now available!

Solidarity and fight back in the time of COVID-19 

Saturday, 3/21

2pm PST COVID-19 at Northwest Detention Center Update on Facebook Live 

Thursday, 3/19

Petition for incarcerated communities

Organizational and Individual Sign On to COVID-19 Mutual Aid Abolition Public Health Demands for Seattle, King County, and WA State

Individual Sign On:

Organizational Sign On:

Links to Washington State Abolition Public Health Letter, King County Letter, Seattle Letter

1- Department of Corrections Letter (Governor Jay Inslee) -

2- King County Letter (County Executive Dow Constantine) -

3- Seattle Letter (Mayor Jenny Durkan) -

“Emergency Funds for Freelancers, Creatives Losing Income During Coronavirus” by Nastia Voynovskaya


Wednesday, 3/18

Death in Regional Justice Center/RJC Kent 

Decriminalize Seattle

La Resistencia COVID-19 Danger at NWDC Call to Action / Email template link

Text version of call to action:   / email template: 

Tuesday, 3/17

Endorse letter to Inslee and DOC

Food boxes for formerly incarcerated folks

Coronavirus prompts Board of Correction to call for release of inmates from NYC jails 

coronavirus bias incidents form

Monday, 3/16

Note from a community health nurse practitioner

Taiwan pledges military aid

Hundreds of prisoners escape Brazilian prison and hold guards hostage in revolt over coronavirus crackdown 

Sunday, 3/15 links

Mike Davis on COVID 19

Saturday, 3/14 links

Communal living and COVID-19 

to contain coronavirus, release people in prison

real time map of resources in greater seattle. Thank you art_byhannah for compiling

independent artists directory

Hong Kong letter to us

Friday, 3/13 links

Highline School district

compilation of resources by babelove 

List of organizations to donate your financial help AND list of resources for struggling individuals/businesses 

Philly Mutual Aid 

Lunches for Seattle Public Schools. Attached is a pdf of the map for school sites that provide M-f lunches

Bellevue Boys and Girls club stay open for youth during school closures

Letter by social service workers

Baltimore mutual aid

chicago mutual aid

Hi! This is the link to sign up for mutual aid shirts in Chicago: 

And this is the link for Chicago if you’re in need of assistance:

There is now also a sign up sheet for people who are requesting assistance: 

Ohio mutual 

The Quarantine Sessions page for sharing links to live stream/virtual concerts


Thursday, 3/12/20 links

#covid19mutualaid - Seattle - (in Spanish) Use este formulario si usted necesita comida e otros suministros entregados a su puerta. Podemos ayudar a pagar los alimentos / suministros.

#covid19mutualaid - Seattle request form in English - Please use this form if you need grocery / supplies delivered. We can help cover costs.

#covid19mutualaid - Seattle volunteer form in English.

COVID 19 and prisons webinar link

Arrests and COVID 19

Seattle Restaurant Workers Fund 

Rainier Beach lunch volunteer

Radical Healthcare reading list

Julie C music!

NW Folk Life Resources List

Wednesday, 3/11/20

Advice from Hong Kong: Thoughts on the Wuhan virus

coronavirus outbreak at nursing home (KUOW) 

great covid-19 resources for people who use drugs and harm reduction workers

For syringe services/harm redux workers

Yes! Article with interview: “Facing COVID-19 With Community Instead of Fear” 

Activist Class Podcast: “Covid19 Mutual A mi id Organizers and Public Healthcare Workers JM & L join us to talk about how Disaster Capitalism has outsourced our ability to build community and compassion.”

Seattle Public Utilities(SPU) and Seattle City Light(SCL) are planning to offer immediate aid for customers financially impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. They say you only need self-certification rather than proof of income. DM us your experience if you try and access benefits! 


Text only for East/Southside support boost

ESKC volunteer sign up form


ESKC request support form


Text only for Skagit County Support boost

(includes links to fundraiser, request form, and facebook page) 


Text only doc and clickable link for Yeng Gardens Flower Sale 


Text only doc and clickable link for Solidarity Flowers post

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Text only doc for “Grocery Delivery Request Form Paused (5/13-5/27)”

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Donate to the Eastside Survival Fund

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Domestic Violence & Survivor Support Series

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