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Director of Student Affairs

North Muskegon Public Schools

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IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION (ISS) Rules and Regulations

In School Suspension (all day detention) may be offered in lieu of (or in combination with) outside school suspension (OSS). The student and his/her parent or guardian may select this alternative to an assigned OSS suspension IF IT IS OFFERED BY THE ADMINISTRATION.

The In School Suspension program advocates placing a student who has committed a suspendable offense in an on-campus, highly controlled, isolated environment in which he/she is required to complete assignments under the supervision of an adult. Under this program, a student serves his/her penalty for a violation of school rules where he/she continues his/her education and retains his/her opportunity to earn academic credit.

It is the student’s responsibility to:

1. Report to in school suspension room at 7:45 a.m. with books, journals, paper and pencils, and any other materials needed to complete work. Students will not be allowed to go to their lockers during the day.

2. While in ISS, it is mandatory that students work independently and quietly. Students are responsible for completing their assignments and returning them to their teachers the following day if they are to receive credit. It is also suggested that students bring a reading book and they may also be required to copy out of the student handbook.

3. ISS Rules and Regulations will be posted and a set will also be handed out to the student upon receiving the ISS.

4.  Students will be allowed a five (5) minute break in the morning and afternoon. They will eat their lunch in the ISS room and will be responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

5.  Students assigned ISS will not leave our ISS room without first asking and then receiving permission from our ISS room supervisor.

6.  Students who are removed from ISS for failure to comply will be sent home that day and will receive OSS the following day.