FINAL COUNTDOWN to the Rapture                            

                         And what of the Left Behind?

And this is one subject matter on which to tread gently for the amount of concern, and sorrow of the heart, the burden that one carries for his family and his friends that are not believers. The bible clearly says that the day of the Lord, which is wrath is for unbelievers, "for the day is near, even the day of the Lord is near, a cloudy day; it shall be the time of the heathen".   Therefore there is certainty that the ones who are left behind are all unbelievers, ones who have not appealed  to Jesus Christ as being their Saviour. Many will be saved during the period called the tribulation, for they will come to Christ, not as a church revival,  nor as a great awakening, but as a great harvest.

And we know what the day of the Lord is from Acts 1:6, 7 and from Daniel 2:21, for it is the time when the God of gods, the LORD, changes kingdoms and kings, and in particular what is coming is the removal of the world system of the god of this world Satan by means of destruction and replacement by the millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ. We are told in the bible that the times and the seasons in the end times are equal to the day of the Lord (1 Thessalonians 5:1,2), a day that is for the children of darkness and not of the light, and will not overtake or catch up with the Church, as the very same chapter says. Why not? Because she would have been taken out to the Father's house (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18), in the very same day,  as Scripture teaches  in Luke 17:29, 2 Peter 3:10.  And any unbeliever, as well as any of the wicked or even the fool, can come to salvation during that time, with the only exception being those categorized as the earth dwellers in Revelation.

Regardless of how much it is a burden to believers regarding their friends and families and others, the words of Jesus Christ ring clear in Matthew 12:30, "He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad".  There is no fence to ride, there is no place to hide from these words, for you all, whether you know it or accept it or not, have also received the light of Jesus Christ when you came into the world (John 1:9),  and have knowledge of him. If your choice up to then has been not to receive the Son of God in Jesus Christ as your redeemer from your sins, you are presently condemned or under condemnation (John 3:18) and the wrath of God abides/hovers over you (John 3:36). This however is a remediable situation, that by your very free will can correct and be changed from condemnation immediately to salvation. The best example of this salvation is that of the thief on the cross who asked to be remembered when the Lord would come to paradise. And God says repeatedly that he is not a respecter of persons, that is, he does not play favorites and is willing to save whosoever is willing to come to him for such redemption.  Just do not be one who once considered Jesus Christ as the Son of God, even when you had not trusted/depended/obeyed in his uniqueness and exclusivity to be the only truth, way and life to God (John 14:6), and now considers that there are other christs or messiahs  that take people to the mountaintop via other routes or religions. 2 Thessalonians 2:1-11 clearly tell us that if a person decides to abandon/apostatize/forsake the love of the truth, and Jesus Christ is the truth, but goes to believe a lie (a false deity, a vanity/a god), this man will be given  great delusion and have crossed over to the side of being totally deceived and unable to come to the Saviour in the Son of God.

Let us face it, the left behind are guilty as charged and the tribulation would be the great test of whether they will still stick to their incredulity or  give themselves the chance for eternal life. Do not forget that God is under no obligation to those who reject Him to provide them with any of the benefits of his creation. For example, do you like to drink water, or see light, of be secured, or eat food, or be free from slavery to sin,  and injustice, and to hear music and have the company of others? If you do, God does not have to provide in Hell or the Lake of Fire  for the rejectors any benefits of his creation, so rejectors ought to be prepared for the conditions in outer darkness.  

To those who constantly wish to blame the Church for unbelievers just remember that a horse can be taken to water but not be made to drink (2 Thessalonians 2:3b), and in the same fashion a man can be given the gospel once and again and still chose to live life as he chooses for men love their sin (John 3:19, 2 Peter 2:20, 21).  But the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23a) and that means eternal separation from God!

What has become obvious in the study of Scriptures in the subject of future things or prophecy is that in end times the powers of the demonic will be unleashed on humanity, by giving them freedom to roam as the Holy Spirit steps aside and removes his ministry of restraining/subduing/hindering the occult forces of the demons. Antichrist himself, the Assyrian in Scripture and Nimrod of Genesis, is the king of the demons of the underworld, the Abaddon or angel of the bottomless pit of Revelation 9:11. That is a great coincidence, that the powers to be brought in on 2001 the dustification of the Twin Towers on the same day as it is written in chapter/verse of as to the identity of the Antichrist.  Did you ever consider that God at Noah's Flood, killed all the bodies of the Nephillim/Rephaim (the giants with corrupted genetics from the sons of God,  having children bored to them by the daughters of men of Genesis 6) had their spirits survive (the demons)  but He allows many to roam free? Have we not been taught that during his earthly ministry and while delivering the subjected from demons, that these latter asked him 'are you come to destroy us before the time '(Mark 1:24; Luke 4:34)?  

All things were created by Jesus Christ and are under him, including all principalities/powers/rulers of the darkness/ spiritual wickedness in high places,  for Jesus Christ has all the preeminence (Colossians 1:15-18; Ephesians 1:20). These demons are but a tool in God's hands and though wicked, they will do God's bidding.  And this we see in the prophetic pronouncements in Revelation, where we see that God will have Antichirst and his demons be the object/rod of his wrath on unbelievers. To kill them off you may ask? Not at all, but to bring the unbelievers to him for salvation! The harvest in the end times will be very substantial and the Lord Jesus Christ will make use of the demonic to chase people to himself, making it very true the saying in 2 Peter 3:9 that he is "not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance".

Did you  consider the entry written with respect to the inner man, our eternal bodies being as those of the holy angels? If you did not,  do that take a moment and do so. But my argument here is, why wait to get chased by demons and be tormented and tortured to death, when it is easier and simpler to come to the Lord now? Is your sinful life that good that it is worth risking losing the gift of salvation with eternal life? But if you are one with family likely to be of the heathen and they will not heed your pleas, put them in the hollow of the hand of the Lord and leave them there, letting God do the work while you pray for their salvation and God will relieve you of most of the weight of this burden from your shoulders. Remember that he created them for himself and loves them more than you will ever do. May this be a blessing to you and give you hope.

Addendum Bonus to the   Published Work.

This concern for those left behind just does not leave the minds of the ones writing about them. The Bible calls them the heathen, but know that this is a generic term that includes both the Serpent seed which never will ever come to the Lord, for all by origin are destined for destruction, because of their illegality and nature. For this group it will be a return to their place of birth, being earthy physically and earthly spiritually, unclean in their souls/spirit (study the presentations on the seeds, of the Serpent and the Seed of the Woman of Genesis 3:15). These are earth dwellers for the earth is the only abode that they can have life in. Unclean in spirit means that these are Demons, and never can these be UFO’s nor ET’s, as some have written. Because of their illegality these will all come to be destroyed, being finite in their whole nature (body+soul/spirit), not eternal. These are all wicked for they will never behold the majesty of the Lord not ever act with justice or righteousness. Their perpetuation will actually show that there is a subgroup of creatures, originated against the will and way of God, that would be around, even if in the Lake of Fire, an example that the will of God could be thwarted, and impossibility. Their destruction will not be because of what they are but because their role in the overall scheme of God is ended, their evilness having served the purpose of God to bring to Himself the majority of the rest of the heathen that are of the way of God, that are in unbelief of the Lord the Saviour, that came legally and whose souls/spirits were of the creation of God (Eccl 12:7). Of these are the accounts of the Book of the Revelation, the very effort of God to save the many (majority) for He is not willing that any should perish (2 Pet 3:9). These are not earth dwellers by nature but are of the will of God and his intent is to save them, not against their wills but allowing them to experience “the other dark side” and watch them run back to the Saviour. It is not hard to conceive that reticent mankind, proud and self-willed, will promptly change their minds when confronted with earth dwellers and unrestrained evil of demons (the Holy Spirit will step out of the way of such restraints!, 2 Thess 2:7, 8), whether of the presently loose or the ones to be loosed from the bottomless pit (the tormenting demons) or loosed from being cradled at the river Euphrates (see Rev 9 too, the death demons). In the face of such formidable evil entities, whose intent is to kill, will then many of the heathen run to the Lord Jesus Christ.


It is the physical suffering that these will endure that is so disturbing to our spirit, even if we already know that Jesus Christ will be with them and help death be tolerable. You see readers, the overwhelming majority of the heathen that are of the seed of the woman will end up losing their physical life, die as Martyrs, because these did not do so before the Rapture of the Church so that they could escape the wrath to come, as written in Luke 21:36. Many of our family members, close friends, acquaintances, have allowed the blindness of the vailing to cover their eyes and ears, courtesy of the god of this world, unwilling to listen to the words of those who earnestly see and care for their souls. It may be consoling that the earth dwellers will be all destroyed, not as punishment as we said before, and that the overwhelming majority  of the heathen will end up in the arms of Jesus Christ, willingly not by constraint even if they have to be encouraged to do so when they are faced with the alternative that they had considered to be alright. Many of the heathen actually think there is a neutral zone with God, where they can stand and claim that they are not of the evil ones but are not ready not inclined to seek the Lord when called to do so. Being a Martyr in this chapter coming is not a batch of honor but a sign of hard-heartedness.

From water to drink to light to see to air to breathe and electricity to maintain heart impulses, it is all of God for the enemy has done nothing and can do nothing, for he is not even able to give life for even the unclean spirits of demons are from the Father, the only Creator of Spirits (Heb 12:9). God is all needed to everyone and the source of all that existing, and to reject him is to reject all he has done. How about Lazarus and the Rich man of Luke 16, have you thought about it,  that God is not under any obligation to provide for you anything if you do not wish any part of Him, even in the face of all He has done? Do you know that Salvation is a free gift of God, and everyone’s salvation has already been accomplished and all that awaits the heathen is to ask the Saviour Jesus Christ to save them from their sins? Their gifts of righteousness are already wrapped up, awaiting to hand them over (Romans 5:17) to those willing to receive them, did you know?

Do not let the teachings of the traditions of men, of lying churches who tell you that you must cooperate in your salvation, a pure lie! Your role once saved, is to let the Lord live through you by the power of the given indwelling Spirit of God, that now makes you willing to turn from that which is sin, even if it is a slow process, your sanctification? You are passive in the Salvation of God which is eternal, but are active in the process of Sanctification. Forget fires of Purgatory, a non-existent place for an impossible purging (it takes the  blood of Christ to redeem, purge and cleanse, exclusively!). Purgatory is a fiction of men’s wicked minds to keep you submitted to the lordships of the ordained elect said to be empowered by the powers of the apostles, a great unbiblical fiction of their imaginations. Run! Run fast! Come to Jesus Christ, now or later but do come, for the Brethren await your coming.

And as for the actual rapture, the left behind will not have to deal with dead corpses everywhere, for as with the rapture event of Enoch, whom God took, and he was not found, (Hebrews 11:5), the same will be for everyone that are taken. Do not let the images created as if they depict bible truth. Let us clean up some of the bad acts that are presented as at the rapture or afterwards:

It is error to depict this after the rapture.jpg 

                  This will not occur at the rapture but later on, during the Tribulation


          The rapture will not be a visible event, people do not leave in their bodies nor with clothing

Persons will leave in their soul/spirits, not visible to anyone else, but everyone else will be unawares until the realization of the millions that have disappeared from being on this earth. The rapture is the physical removal of the Bride so that the work of eviction and destruction of the works of the Devil can begin. The next image does show the pattern of invisible resurrection bodies coming up from the graves and going to the clouds to meet the Lord in the air:

Going home, from the graves! .gif

           The living then  will not be translated and go ahead of the resurrected ones (1 Thess 4:17)

more biblical view gif#.jpg

Of the living it is written that these all will translate after the dead are raised and that each one’s translation will be in the twinkling of an eye. But the word does not say that all would be at the same instant in time, though it is expected or understood. There are those images that depict planes crashings and cars running into trucks-trees-trenches. But will that be true? Doubtful imageries:

The episodes depicted of the rapture.jpg

    It is best to stick to the words of Scripture than  create ideas or images that are not known to be true.


                              The rapture is neither associated to tsunamis nor to any red moons

And the work at Armageddon will leave only dust and ashes of the works of the Devil:

Destruction without " dustification" is not truth.jpg

           The capital will be destroyed but not in this manner but made into ashes (2 Peter 3:10, kjv)

What is to come after the rapture is the unleashing of the day of the Lord, but will first begin the wars in the Middle East involving Israel, the Psalm 83 Confederacy and the Gog-Magog Confederacy, all Islam against the LORD God on the other hand and He will show that the victory is his. By Yom Kippur 2016 Gog will be buried in Israel’s mountains and by Tabernacles 2016 the Antichrist will have confirmed a covenant with that nation while the Mother of Harlots begins her reign ruling the world as the One World Religion based on the Vatican, and by means of the United Nations.

If you read this and see it happen by fault of your own, it is time to come to Jesus Christ and dally no more, for it is not worth it to pay eternally for sins that you could never purge when your salvation and that of all the people of the world that are not of the Serpent’s seed has been accomplished, for salvation is gift of God that can neither be earned by works nor bought nor inherited. Ask Jesus Christ to save you, now!

And it does seem as if we have so much to tell you that we can never finish, but urge you to face up to the reality check. These people are not playing games, for this is battle that they expect to make it for them or they be doomed! The Serpent seed intends to kill everyone who is of the seed of the woman, that came after its kind according to the way of God. Whether they try to change your genetics or not is a mute point for as having come the way of God then your soul/spirit is from God and these can not change that one bit. It is but a scare tactic, to make you believe you are one of them, temporarily that is, which is totally untrue. The intent of the Serpent seed is the total elimination of the seed of the woman. You may be able to survive the first 3.5 years of the Tribulation worshipping the goddess queen of heaven or even Buddha, Krishna or someone else, new age gods. But when the Antichrist takes the rule of the world, to devour it, your hide is toast unless you worship him. The False Prophet, that occupies for the Unholy Trinity the position that Jesus Christ has as Prophet, will make sure you do and take the mark of the beast or the number of his name or his name. There will be no place to hide from these who know that their end in near and will pull out all the stops to be successful. But the Bible is clear and these even do fight one another as history has proven it, killing each other for death is in their hearts. Can you hide from demons, unseen beings that can see you and hear you and are the very enemies? That would be silly. And God says that the Antichrist even destroys his own land, Assyria for he is the Assyrian, and robs the thiefs. The bankers and other elites/shadow rulers,  have robbed the world, are in the Satanic camp, expect to survive after that their god comes to life, and being that they are the ones with the world’s wealths, they are going to be robbed of the thief that steals, kills and destroys. Is it any wonder that it is foolish to the “nth” degree to trust in such an untrustworthy ally, but refuse the very God that has given us all and keeps it all up?

 Antichrist will also kill his own for he does the very deeds of his father the Devil and Satan, the god of forces, meaning that by violent means he tries to obtain and rule it all!  So let it not be said that you were neither told nor anyone put it so bluntly to you, wise up, face up and come up, the Brethren await your company.