This document: Is for anyone in the global community wanting to help Afghans on the ground, legal aid resources in a few countries for those attempting to or helping others leave, actionable scripts to lobby US congressional officials. If you have additions, please request edit access with your additions in-message. Update 8.24.2021

Aggregate Resources Drive


Congressional Committee Call Script - This document is an attempt to centralize contact information and demands for US politicians regarding Afghanistan.

Congressional Advocacy Script - Calling and petitioning congressional representatives based on your district

Text Crisis to 52886

Local advocacy tactics: This chapter describes the nuts and bolts of implementing four advocacy tactics to put pressure on your three Members of Congress (MoCs) — your Representative and two Senators.


List of Afghan charities

Fundraiser for basic necessities

Cash in hand relief

Asylum Seekers Fund

Funds for Humanitarian Parole applications


        Avah Collective - Print sale announcing soon


Aggregated immigration relief doc


Refugee resettlement program info: recently expanded to include human rights defenders [activists, women and highly visible leaders]
→ email with required personal info, highlighting role as a human rights defender or anyone who has worked with the government of Canada

Group of 5 - A Group of Five (G5) is five or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have arranged to sponsor a refugee living abroad to come to Canada.


Humanitarian Parole: Humanitarian parole is a pathway for entry to the United States for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit. It is usually granted when someone has no other alternatives for entry and is typically a last option.

US Committee on Refugees Information page (with contact emails)

        Information on the P2 Visa for Afghan nationals

Artistic Freedom Initiative: “AFI’s Legal Services for At-Risk Artists program is designed to facilitate pro bono immigration services for at-risk artists fleeing persecution or censorship in their countries of origin.”

Visas for Afghans: General


List of actions @bushra_ebadi

A call to American journalists

Afghan Diaspora Hub

A collated guide on instagram



Digital security protocol

Backpack by UC Davis: For Afghan students to secure their educational materials stored on cloud-based servers administered and protected by the university



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