Patrick Moraitis

Pre-thesis Final Presentation Notes

Professor Karwas

December 6th, 2016

10s Title with your name, your email, and  project name

10s Question

20s Thesis Statement

30s Brief Description of your project (what is it conceptually)

20s Why your project is significant (why does this matter )

45s Inspiration projects/people (what other projects are out there, comparative etc.)

20s Why are you making this (why, why are you making this - please explain?)

20s Project Ideology - (more of your opinions, think manifesto here!)

30s Audience (who is this for, be specific as possible - please do not put everyone)

45s Arguments and Claims (support why you are making it with more arguments for doing this)

There is an interesting concept in linguistics called cognates, words that sound the same of near identical and have the same meaning across different languages. Some words can be found across a dozen languages, so if you learn it once in your native language, it can then be used across several languages. Also, the FSI has categorized languages into 5 tiers of difficulty for English speakers to learn. My languages of choice, greek and russian, fall in tier 3. I purposely picked something middle of the road so its not too easy yet not too hard

30s Counter argument (what you may be up against, show us that you are aware of the challenges)

The biggest challenge I face is expanding the project into something that evolves on its own through user generated content. Like any social media platform, it will either fly on its own or simply sputter and fail.

2m Significant Research Findings (Data and Numbers to support your project these can support your ideology, claims from above, exciting research, important history, etc)

1m Solution (discuss what you will make - big picture for next semester)

Take my existing prototype and build an infrastructure that can be used to ingest user generated content. I also want to add the capability for multiple people to join a room and sing together

2m Prototyping journey -(talk about what worked, what didn’t, be insightful, talk about user testing - show us some excerpts from your prototypes)

3m Prototype (show us your final prototype)

20s Thesis Advisor (tell us WHY you selected them, list their NYU affiliation)

30s Tech (Talk about the tech behind the prototype and future production) i used p5.js to build the prototype with the intention of eventually porting it to a full javascript website. P5 seems to use up all my RAM and crashes my xomputer. I am using google sheets as my ‘backend database’ but the production version will need a full stack database and CMS with security features.

30s Next Steps (what is next for the project)

Continue user testing over the school break, document my journey with learning greek and russian. Publish a beta version on the web using full javascript. I also want to explore the implications on children as currently exploring only on adult learning

30s Conclusion  (talk big picture, how does this tie into beyond IDM, your career, etc.)

This ties into my career at IDM and beyond because my goal is to build a profitable digital media business specializing in games for learning. As language has been a fascination of mine, and since language learning teaching is a field of its own, i think this project will be my big break

5m Questions