Susie Ganzenmuller Observation Program

Participation Survey – Observers


Please answer the following honestly.   You can email the responses to or, if you would prefer to remain anonymous, mail them to

Shana Alexander

10800 Lakeline BLVD APT# 10106

Austin, TX 78717

Please return three days after the observed game.


1.              Did your talk with your “Observee” after the observation(s)? For how long?


2.              Do you feel your observation(s) was/were a positive experience for you? For your “Observee”? Why?


3.              How did your “Observee” respond to your feedback?  Were they receptive to your comments?


4.              Did you use the Observation Report letter template? If so, was it helpful?


5.              Do you feel it was difficult to complete your Observation Report letters? If “yes”, why?


6.              Would you participate in a similar program if it was offered next year?


7.              Do you have any suggestions for improvement?