Corporate Job Description                                                           

TITLE:         Car Link Director

DESCRIPTION:   Lead and manage daily operations of the Car Link initiatives.  Train & motivate volunteers. Continually evaluate program operations to make contacts meaningful for participants, and organizations.

OBJECTIVES:  To develop Car Link into a self-sustaining program.

KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: Working knowledge of leadership and management techniques, computer spreadsheets, word processing, and databases.

SKILLS:        Leadership and management. Attention to detail.  Patience required when training and working with people. Public speaking. Good skills on computer keyboards and software, primarily spreadsheets, word processing and databases.

EDUCATION:  High School Diploma, High School Equivalency Certificate or GED.

TIME COMMITMENT:        As many hours per week as desired (Monday through Friday), or as needed by the daily situation.

SUPERVISED BY:        Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director.                

WORKING WITH:        CLABQ Staff and Car Link participants and funding organization, plus charitable and funding organizations.                

WORK LOCATION:        UNM Corporate  Headquarters.

AGE REQUIREMENTS:        At least 18 years old.                


OTHER SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Adherence to all policies. Some travel to presentations and meetings will be necessary.  The Car Link Director cannot be in a hosted program. Signing of a Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest form is required.  A sex offender registry check will be conducted.  If a person is on the registry they will not be allowed to work in the Action Center because children and vulnerable individuals are present at times.  

Specific Duties:   Includes, but not limited to;

  1. Develop, Implement and Manage the Car Link Program.
  2. Use personal initiative to continually improve operations and increase the number of people helped.
  3. Perform in an honorable manner to bring credit to the organization.  This includes abiding by all the policies, procedures and expectations published for the organization.
  4. Lead, supervise and manage all personnel working in and with the Car Link program.
  5. Continually recruit and train volunteers to support Car Link activities.
  6. Ensures that all activities are documented and readily available to personnel that need the information. Fill out the monthly report to Corporate Headquarters.
  7. Develop and implement a presentations program and give presentations as needed.
  8. Identify organizations to partner with and develop good relations with them.
  9. Identify grants that will support the program.  Work with Community Link grant writers in grant development.
  10. Prepare, submit and work within an operating budget.  Budget submission deadline for the following year is November 15th.
  11. Responsible for all paperwork including IRS forms, Titles, Insurance and other applicable forms.
  12. Obtain and oversee vehicle storage locations.
  13. Manage the flow of vehicles from donations to repairs/salvage to disposition.
  14. Oversee the process of obtaining and approving recipients of vehicles.
  15. Coordinate funds accounting with Community Link Accounting personnel.
  16. Identify and obtain the support of vehicle repair facilities.
  17. Identify sources of and obtain repair parts.

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