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Assignment Outline




Course Title

Database Systems: Theory and Programming

Course No.

CS 04.430



Start/End Dates

22-MAY to 8-AUG


Summer 2017

Delivery Method

Number of Face-to-Face Meetings



Course Description

This course focuses on the design of DBMS and their use to create databases. The course covers both the theoretical concepts and the implementation aspects of database systems with a special emphasis on relational database systems, SQL, programming (in a modern programming language such as C++ or Java) using a real database Application Programming Interface (such as JDBC or ODBC)

I reserve the right to amend, alter or change the information in this course guide at my discretion.

All terms and interpretations will be defined by me and are final.


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Jack F. Myers



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Assignment Outline

Individual assignment outlines are available at 

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Final Grade Breakdown

Grading Criteria/Assignment








Final Exam




Projects provide an opportunity to build a small application.

Assignments are meant to reinforce lecture materials and may be graded according to one of two models:

Grading Scale


93 and Up


73 – 76


90 – 92


70 – 72


87 – 89


67 – 69


83 – 86


63 – 66


80 – 82


60 – 62


77 - 79


59 and below

Rowan Policies

  1. Attendance
    Attendance is mandatory.  The attendance/class participation portion of the course grade will be computed based on the number of missed classes and student’s contribution to class discussion.  See the official
    Rowan University Attendance policy.  Please inform the instructor in advance, preferably by email, if you will be absent from a class or lab session.  As this is a hybrid class, 5 points are removed from final grade from each unexcused absence.  
  2. Academic Integrity
    Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty which includes but is not limited to submitting someone else's work as your own and working on the individual assignments in groups.  It is college policy that students who commit an act of academic dishonesty may be subject to failure in the course, suspension from the College, or both.  See the official Rowan University Academic Integrity policy   

    If you use materials that you've obtained on the Internet, from a book, etc., for example as part of a programming assignment, you must include an appropriate reference.  To use such materials without proper attribution is a form of plagiarism.  Students who copy homework, cheat on tests, or plagiarize material for any test or assignment in this course will receive a failing grade for the test or assignment.
  3. Late Assignment Submissions
    Assignments not submitted on time will receive zero as a grade. However, most professors are reasonable people.  If for some reason, you believe you will not be able to turn in homework on time, let me KNOW AHEAD OF TIME and I MAY give you an extension.
  4. Classroom Decorum
    When meeting in a classroom, in order to show proper respect for the instructor and for your fellow students, please observe the following:
  1. Be on time! Class will begin promptly at the scheduled time. Allow yourself enough time to park and get to class, ready to learn, before the period begins. Quizzes will be given at the start of the class so if you are late you may miss a quiz.
  2. Do not eat in class.
  3. Do your best to remain in the room during the period. Exiting and entering during the period breaks the concentration of your fellow students, and makes it hard for you to get the full value of the class.
  4. Turn off all cell phones, pagers, and anything else that would cause a distraction to yourself or others around you.
  5. Students are permitted to use computers/laptops during class for note-taking and other class-related work only. Those using computers/laptops during class for work not related to that class (like e-mailing, instant messaging, game playing or internet surfing) will be asked to leave the classroom for the remainder of the class period.
  1. Section 504 Accommodations
    Please be aware that Rowan University is committed to providing Section 504 accommodations for all persons with disabilities.  If you have specific physical, emotional, or learning disabilities and require accommodations, please contact the Office of Equity and Diversity at 856-256-4294 as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations can be implemented in a timely fashion.
  2. Academic Issue
    If at any time a student has an academic problem in any course with a grade or any other issue, the student's first course of action to resolve the matter should be to make an appointment with the instructor to discuss the issue.
  3. Dropping or Withdrawing from this Class
    Please visit the
    Registrar page  for a list of key dates for the semester.  These dates include the full academic calendar as well as the last days to withdraw from this class with and without a refund.
  4. Illness
    It is important to get a note from student health services, or your personal doctor, or other form of documentation if you miss a class or a lab meeting. If you are not feeling well on a given day, please email or call me ahead of time.  In this case, if you miss a quiz, I may let you make up that quiz..  If you have to miss an exam (and I hope you will not), re-tests will be given only in cases of extreme hardship as defined by the rules of Rowan University, and I require documentation of the reasons for your absence.
  5. Time Commitment
    This is a 3 semester-hour class, which means that for success in this class you should expect to be spending 6-9 hours a week outside of class on homework assignments, readings, etc.

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