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  • Partner with your peers worldwide to trade goods and services?
  • Get paid faster – usually instantly?
  • Stop feeding the already too-big-to-jail banksters?

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What Is  CrowdBucks?

Advantages of CrowdBucks

Social media, digital currencies and new blockchain-related technologies, combined with other web-based revolutions such as CrowdFunding and Crowdsourcing are about to sweep the planet and will change our world in many profound ways, including fundamentally transforming the way business is conducted. will enable a important part of this disruptive economic change. With a core mission to change how the world does business, we intend to help the transition to a new value-based economy by implementing a powerful new digital currency management system and sophisticated online trading infrastructure called “CrowdBucks”.


The global financial system and world’s economies are about to undergo a radical and unprecedented series of changes. What Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing has recently done to the Recording industry, Digital Currencies will soon do to the Banking industry; CrowdSourcing will do to the world of Business; and CrowdFunding will do to the traditional world of Investing. will accelerate the convergence of these powerful new trends and will help to transform the way business is conducted around the world. is the genesis of a new digital currency system, and is fuelled by an innovative online marketplace service and a fully integrated accounting/banking system where members can engage in a variety of flexible trade-related scenarios. CrowdBucks delivers a simple, yet powerful, cloud-based credit and debit management system that can be used for trading goods and services, raising cash to fund new projects, facilitating group purchases, rewarding consumers, and many other applications that require tracking resources among various trading partners, etc. will be instrumental in creating the next economy; an economy that knows no boundaries and is a dynamic convergence of many elements, including trust – reputation – powerful new technologies – new social networks and much more.


  • CrowdBucks delivers a powerful, cloud-based Credit and Debit Management system that can be used for trading goods and services, raising cash to fund new projects, facilitating group purchases, rewarding consumers, and enabling many other applications that require tracking virtual resources, etc.


  • Provides a digital wallet and currency management system to make it easier to perform and manage transactions in specialized online marketplaces.


  • Offers individuals and businesses a way to conduct common financial transactions without using regular cash or interest-based credit.


  • The CrowdBucks trading “Currency” is controlled directly from the people and organizations that trade their goods or services, not created and controlled by banks. (Bottom-up control vs Top-down control).


  • The CrowdBucks commerce platform delivers a unique combination of proven ideas and powerful new technologies.


  • CrowdBucks currencies are backed by real goods and services provided by our members, instead of backed by “nothing” like regular fiat money.


  • CrowdBucks are issued interest-free, and therefore, are much less expensive to use compared to regular cash or bank-issued credit.


  • Enables our members to use their sales in order to pay for their purchases, and members pay for each purchase using their own cost of goods (buy at retail and pay at their own wholesale cost).


  • CrowdBucks can be used as an international tool to conduct trade across multiple currency zones. No need for separate bank accounts for different national currencies.


  •  All members advertise their wares for free to other members.


  • In this value-based public marketplace ratings and historical information to assist buyers and motivate merchants to provide great service will be maintained. It is an open and transparent trading system.


  • You don’t have to collect an invoice. It is done automatically, typically in real time, for instant payment.


CrowdBucks agents are always available to help businesses buy or sell in the marketplace.

“There is no reason products and services could not be swapped directly by consumers and producers through a system of direct exchange – essentially a massive barter economy. All it requires is a commonly used digital unit of account and adequate computing power to ensure all transactions are settled immediately. People would pay each other electronically, without the payment being routed through anything that we would currently recognize as a bank. Central banks in their present form would no longer exist – nor would money.”

Mervyn King, Former Governor Of The Bank Of England

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property – until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”  

Thomas Jefferson, 1802

“The recent widespread financial crises provide strong evidence that global systems and structures of money, banking and finance are deeply flawed.”

Thomas H. Greco, Jr., independent scholar, community economist, and educator is currently at a pre-launch stage and is actively seeking partners and investors.