Isaac Chng (13)

2 Feb 2016 5:50 pm


Defect X uɐɯnH

The darkness of space was looking back at Ray. It was an empty void, cold and desolate. Nothing broke the silence other than the intermittent beeps of the radar and the drone of the ship's engine. Ray was alone in his EM-X, waiting for the slightest sliver of red to appear on the radar screen. Ray was different from his cloned fleetmates. They all followed orders, never had a case of disobedience and seemed to be devoid of feelings and emotions. Ray seemed to be the only one who knew compassion. He had been reprimanded and seen as queer by his fleet mates for behavior that seemed not to be abnormal to Ray. He felt “different”.

Ray was part of the 6510th Fleet, a part of the vast Empire Militia.  The Empire rules that humans are the most superior living creature, and none should be greater than them.They fought against the Xeno, a race of alien-human hybrids that were on the rise. Suddenly, a dozen red dots peppered across the radar were flying away from the fleet. The mothership jerked, turning towards the sources of interference.

Charged shots from the mother ship’s railguns flew across space, lighting it up a neon blue as explosions resonated across the sector. All the docked fighters detached and took off from the sides of the mothership. The Xeno Escorts were taken in by surprise, getting hit by the mother ship's arsenal. Some of them burst into flames before exploding into space debris. Ray saw how merciless the fleet was. "This just isn't right... I don't want to kill anybody!"

 Ray, instead of charging his laser, fired EMP cannons at the pods that were shooting down the Xenos. Those that got hit had their controls messed up by the surge of electric charge, and their ships floated in mid-space, some spinning around. Those that did not get hit flew away in retreat. "Fleeter 7, what are you doing? Do we have to shoot you down to stop?" Ray turned off his communication system and scouted around the Xeno Escorts.

At that moment,  a projectile shot out from the one of the mothership's railguns. This was it. Ray was going to die. In an instant, a field of energy hexes formed in front of Ray's ship, absorbing the energy of the railgun. Ray was saved by the Xenos! He fired his main lasers at the railgun on top of the mothership. The railgun emitted a wave of electrical discharge before being destroyed in a bright flash. The top of the mothership was set ablaze. The mothership was tilting starboard, its directional arrays failing. Escape pods jettisoned out from the bottom of the ship. Ray had lost a battle he was meant to win, yet won a victory he was supposed to win. Ray felt his heart grow lighter. The main Xeno Escort flashed its signal lights at Ray. The decoding system in Ray’s EM-X spelled out letters. “W R GRTFL” Ray smiled. Then, it struck Ray. The Empire was going to put a bounty on his charred body. Ray followed behind the Xeno escorts, shooting into hyperspace with them. Who needed the marks of the Empire anymore? He placed his helmet and jerked off his insignia into the jettison port, a smirk growing across his face.