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Method of Operation and Service Level Agreement



A.           Services

a.   Design and decorating interior or exterior spaces with floor plans, elevations, color story, specify and source window treatments, furniture, floor/carpet, wall treatments/tile, fabric, art, and accessories

b.   Custom work – Design built-ins and collaborate with carpenter, Redesign existing pieces by reupholstering/refinishing and coordinate with upholsterer/woodworker, Design custom window treatments and coordinate with workroom

c.   Project facilitation – communications with trades, periodic inspection of residence during installation, answer questions and resolve issues on clients behalf, contribute to punch lists

d.   DIY consultation produces written list of all recommendations and next steps

e.   Online Interior Design provides complete room design for long distance projects or DIYer’s

f.   Room Revival produces redesigned space after two full days of working side by side with client

g. Color Consultation to select paint colors that coordinate with existing finishes

h.   Real Estate Concepts create a realistic image for sales of unlovely properties

i.   Organize offices, kitchens and closets to maximize efficient use of space

j.   Seasonal decorating such as Front Door and Porch decor, Christmas tree set up and take down, Arrangements for exterior urns, Tablescapes, Mantels, etc.

B.           Fee Schedule

a.   All ad-hoc hourly work is charged at $125.00 per hour.  

b.   One way travel time to client’s house is calculated and billed at $45.00 per hour.

c.   Hourly fees are calculated and invoiced every two weeks, with invoices payable upon receipt.

d.   Inviting Interiors tries to provide best pricing possible to be competitive and researches for Minimum Advertised Price prior to quoting.  Any Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment purchased thru Inviting Interiors are priced at a discount off retail.

e.   Any locally sourced Styling/Accessory items left on approval are priced with a small markup over cost to cover any indirect costs needed such as additional assistance with assembly, wrapping, storage, transport, delivery, install and direct costs such as bookkeeping labor, credit card fees, etc.  

f.  Your state sales tax will be collected on all items.

g.   Trades invoice and work directly for client.  Designer advises but does not manage and cannot assume any liability arising out of their actions.

h.   In the event that materials/sources are not managed directly by the designer, the client assumes full responsibility for any damage, loss of material or disruption of schedule and any corresponding hourly fees that might occur as a result.

C.          Items not included in Hourly or Project Flat Fees

a.   Out of pocket expenses such as printing costs, parking, tolls/mileage, couriers, freight and insurance fees, insurance, duty, boxes/packaging, samples, etc.

b.   Expenses that occur with regularity, or may be unexpected and may impact overall budget such as taxes, shipping and handling, furniture storage, delivery, installation, etc.

c.   Expenses that require advance permission such as professional movers, site cleaning, etc.

d.   Long distance travel expenses

D.         Method of Payment

a.   A retainer in the amount of one third of project fee is due at signing of agreement and prior to project initiation.  This amount, based on project projections, will be applied to final invoices.

b.   All order managed items (i.e. furnishings, fabrics, antiques) require 100% payment prior to orders placement.

c.   Any return of a product once it’s been ordered is strictly at the supplier’s discretion and subject to their restocking fees.  Custom orders cannot be restocked or returned and are non- refundable.

d.   Invoices for hourly fees are produced on a bi weekly basis and issued to the client by email.

e.   Invoices outline the work performed with each billable hour.  Design fees are due upon receipt of invoice.

f.   Should a second invoice be issued while the previous invoice is still outstanding, all work will halt until the client is satisfied and both invoices are paid in full.

g.   In the event that there is a question about design fees, clients can make inquiries within five business days of receipt of invoice.  Inviting Interiors is available at any time to review design fees and satisfy a client’s inquiry.

E.          Investment

a.   Investment will be determined following receipt of estimates for renovating and furnishing.

b.   Investment does not include design fees.  Investment does not include artwork, accessories or any item traditionally part of the styling process.  The client has a 48-hour loan period to consider purchasing items used in styling.

c.   A deposit indicates approval of total amount shown on any invoice and that no product is guaranteed to be 100% perfect i.e. a slub (not a flaw) in silk (no 2 are the same), wood has different graining, decorative cord on a pillow may not be perfectly straight. Of course, Inviting Interiors aims for perfection and will correct any unsatisfactory issue within reason.

F.          Project Term

a.   Project will commence upon signing of Service Level Agreement and receipt of retainer.

b.   Project completion is determined based on scope of project and estimated lead times.

c.   Projects will be photographed at little to no inconvenience to client.  All pictures are property of Inviting Interiors.

d.   In the event that this contract is terminated before completion of the project, a final statement of account will be produced and the retainer will be applied as compensation for any outstanding design fees first. All remaining outstanding fees and invoices must be paid in full prior to contract closure.


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