NCTE Session Interactive Agenda:

Digital Writing and The Common Core


  • Rachel Bear:  Boise School
  • Jack Zangerle: Dover Union Free School District-
  • Joe Dillon: Aurora Public Schools-
  • Introductions to tools of the session

I.  Reading/Writing Into the Session

  • Consider the following source:  Why Digital Writing Matters
  • Writing Task:  Why does digital writing matter?  According to the Common Core, what is digital literacy?  Include specific references to the Standards in your response.  

II.  Guided Reading and Discussion of Articles

For the backchannel during presentation of examples:

In these teachers’ example, what digital literacy(ies) do you see at work? What are the implications for your classroom?

III.  Examples from Our Practice (Blogged on Digital Is)


IV.  Discussion:  What “literacy experiences” are needed for this kind of work?

V.  Final Reflection

  • Return to Back Channel.  Prompt:  What is your “starting point” for digital literacy in your classroom?