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This week, one of our major objectives is proofreading, specifically your top informative essay.

Today, you’ll print your best informative essay. Then you will proofread and edit it to the best of your ability. You may also utilize any available resources: grammar websites, friends, parents, neighbors--whoever can help you.

You may ask me specific questions, limited to three.

After you turn them in, I will then proofread them with a red pen (so you may not use red pen while proofreading.)


0-2 Errors

3 eggs

Golden Ninja Badge


3-5 Errors

2 eggs

Silver Ninja Badge


6-10 Errors

1 egg

Bronze Ninja Badge


11+ Errors

0 eggs

No Ninja Badge :(


Monday: Print & Proofread!   Tuesday: Turn in paper  Thursday: Error Hunt Awards