Circuit Design Service

Terms of Service :

The Circuits will be designed on the specification provided by the customer, the  specification has to be reviewed and modified as required, to make it practical and viable before starting the design work.

delabs can provide customer support  thru email to help with issues regarding sourcing - selection of components, product design methods and product engineering,

The circuits and documents given are for information and education of the user of the documents. delabs neither assures product success nor does this service provide for warranties of any kind.

Qualification :

The documents are suitable for a custom solution, prototype and testing. The customer must have the engineering ability to execute and maintain the product.  The user of circuit must be aware of engineering, product safety and troubleshooting methods. He must have adequate expertise and training to study, modify and implement them. 

Service Charges :

The person or company requesting a particular circuit has to bear the service charges for the project. Email support also will be provided and charged separately if required, based on efforts involved. delabs can provide training in the learning process thru Internet media at an extra service charge.

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