NCP_Fund logo_h3_color_rev.jpg NCP Fund A Need 2017 FAQs

What is the NCP Fund A Need, and how does it work?

The NCP Fund A Need program is a fundraising campaign that lets you decide how you would like your financial contributions to support Northside College Prep.

If you prefer not to direct your donation, you can still donate to the “Annual Fund” where proceeds will go to the area of greatest need, as determined by Northside College Prep’s Local School Council (LSC).

Where did the Needs come from?

All items on the Fund A Need were approved by NCP administration considering projected funds for the upcoming school year and are based on ideas generated by Northside College Prep teachers. This process ensures that donors’ generosity will fund our school’s most immediate needs and comply with formal guidelines from CPS, Friends of Northside, and the LSC.  Northside College Prep will fulfill all fully funded Needs to the best of its abilities.  Underfunded items that cannot be partially fulfilled may not be able to be purchased and the funds raised will stay within the department.

Ok, I’m ready to donate.  What do I do?

After you’ve reviewed the Fund A Need list and made your selection(s), simply donate online at  You may also fill out a Fund A Need paper form and write a check made out to “Friends of Northside” for the total amount of your Needs.  You can also donate directly to a Need during the NCP Gala on March 10. While the simplest way to fulfill a Need is to make a donation yourself, there are ways to make your donation go even further.

For example:

The Fund A Need is expected to stay open until most needs are met, or until the end of the school year. Donations to the school-wide “Annual Appeal” campaign are always gratefully accepted.

What is the Fund A Need fundraising goal?

Our goal is to raise enough funds to support all items on the Fund A Need.   Donations of any size help enrich the programs at Northside.  Each family that donates to the Fund A Need will receive a thank you correspondence with the amount of their tax-deductible contribution from the Friends of Northside College Prep.  

Can companies make donations? Do they get any formal recognition?

We are truly thankful for the support of local businesses and corporations, and there are opportunities for donation acknowledgment in printed materials associated with the NCP Gala. Parents are encouraged to work with businesses to help generate donations. Before making any “promises” of recognition, however, please contact Principal Kelly Mest to ensure that guidelines established by the LSC are followed and the donation is suitable.

For Fund A Need item details and more information:

Visit, or send an email to