DLL Workshop: iPads for Communication  

Minds On : Click here for a copy of Today’s Presentation

  1. Scan this QR Code to access today’s notes using a QR Code reader or type this url into Safari bit.ly/ipadnotesheet 

  1. Navigate to the AW Site to support iPads at bit.ly/ipadsupporttdsb
  • Change the number of Items from 3 to 15

  1. Navigate to today’s presentations bit.ly/ipadpresentation

Use the action button to bookmark this page as a web clip on your home screen. (Watch this video if you don’t know how)



  1. Work with a  partner. Use the app Popplet Lite to brainstorm some of the potential ways students can use iPads to communicate and express their ideas. Take a screenshot of your Popplet.

  1. Open the Geoboard App & create a shape that has from three to eight straight sides. Once you have created your shape, take a screenshot of your shape.  (Watch this Video to learn how to use the Geoboard App).  

  1. Import your image from the Camera Roll into Skitch. Use the tools in Skitch to describe your shape. (Watch this Video to learn how to use Skitch)
  • Consider your Math Vocabulary.
  • Turn to a partner and describe your shape.

  1. Working with a partner or in small groups, share some of your favourite apps with your colleagues. Consider the SAMR Model in your discussions.
  • Then use a screencasting app such as Doceri (or Explain Everything) to record why you would recommend this apps to your colleagues and identify how it integrates with the SAMR model. (Watch this Video to learn Doceri)

Access this Document to see Classroom Examples of these Apps in Action.


Use the Pic Collage App to consolidate your learning

From the images you have captured throughout this session, open Pic Collage and share your strategies for using iPads for communication with students.

Try to provide examples for each area of the SAMR model


Exit Card

  • Your name & what you teach on the top line
  • Answer the question: What was your learning highlight today?
  • Upload a picture from the camera roll (tap on the up arrow)

Next Steps:

Please complete this DLL Survey: http://bit.ly/dllsurvey2014


  • How will you connect with other teachers using iPads?
  • How will you share your classroom examples with others?



QR Code Reader by Scan (Free)

Popplet Lite (Free)

Inspiration App (Paid) ~ Optional

Geoboard iPad App (Free)

Geoboard Web App (Free)

Skitch (Free)

Doceri (Free)

Explain Everything (Paid) ~ Recommended Purchase

Pic Collage (Free)

Online Resources

Notesheet: bit.ly/ipadnotesheet 

Presentation: bit.ly/ipadpresentation

Toronto District School Board: Teaching & Learning with Technology