Revy's Thanksgiving!!!

          One day Revy, a very naughty boy, woke up to the fresh smell of turkey! He had almost forgotten it was thanksgiving! He ran downstairs and saw the beautiful turkey sitting on the table. Without waiting even a second he ran downstairs to take a bite of it! Suddenly Mrs. Kaja, Revy's mom stopped him from even touching the turkey!

               Then Mrs. Kaja told Revy that they were having a party and the turkey was for the party. Revy sighed and went back to his room to get ready for the party. Also his mom said only if everybody other than the hosts, ate a piece of turkey, then only can Revy have a piece of the beautiful turkey! After 2 hours the party started. Lots of people took turkey and their were only a few more pieces left. But not everybody came and ate their piece of turkey yet so Revy was scared he might not get a piece of turkey!

                 At the end, everybody ate a piece of turkey and only one piece was left! Revy was about to get the last piece but then someone ran to the last piece and took it for seconds! Revy was too late and all the pieces were taken! Revy got mad at the person who took the last piece for seconds and so, he went to tell his mom what happen. Mrs. Kaja didn't care and just let the discussion go and ignored Revy. Revy ran to his room crying because he really wanted turkey. Then after the party was over, Mrs. Kaja went to Revy's room and gave him $20 to buy some raw turkey!!!

         Revy was so happy so he took the money and ran out the door! He went to the shop with his mom and got some turkey! He came back home and his mom said that Revy can make his own turkey! Revy got right to work and started cooking his turkey in the oven. Then suddenly Revy heard a POP! He went to the oven and the turkey popped! He must have put the oven's time too high! He opened the oven, took out the turkey and tasted it. It tasted perfect! He gave a piece to his mom and dad then he ate the rest of the turkey for himself!

Coming Next is Revy's Halloween!