GWUUCM Annual Meeting 6/5/16

–        Annual Report 2014-15 was moved, seconded, and approved

Ministers’ Annual Report

–        Addition: Cheryl performed a wedding for a former Clark student! (put in GWUUCM Chaplain category)

–        need additional members from WPI for board (need two total, Rachel may be staying on)

–        WPI group needs attention —> Rachel as president for now, until new leader is recruited

–        Clark group is going very well!

–        Funding for GWUUCM (i.e. for Cheryl’s role) is a major issue

–        Cheryl planning to set up a meeting with WPI admins to see if funding could come from there

President’s Report

–        Collaborative events and WPI-Clark events increased

–        Increased UUCW attendance from students

–        Focus for next year: fundraising, better support system for chaplaincy (UUA?)

Treasurer’s Report

–        Official address changed to Cheryl's

–        Treasurer’s address changed to Joe’s Worcester Apt

–        IRS forms all sorted out

–        Joe should be able to get connected to DCU account ASAP

–        Need to finish setting up PayPal on website

–        Joe (along with Cheryl and Samantha) will be at GA (and Rose is making a GWUUCM banner) — will be able to network, etc.)

–        Current budget is available as Google Doc [ $4,004 paid to Cheryl in the 15-16 fiscal year for the 14-15 fiscal year ]

**         Cheryl motioned that we table the proposed budget until DCU account is completely set up (seconded by Lydia)

–        Once DCU account is set up, Joe will purchase insurance for GWUUCM

–        Joe will submit budget request to UUCW

**         Lydia motioned to table By-Law changes until Rachel, Rose, and Cheryl and finalize them. Edits may be spread out over the course of the year. Rose seconded.

Election of New Officers / Steering Committee

–        Vacancy of president role (Lydia has maxed out term limit)

–        Cheryl nominated Rose as President, Rose accepted

–        Lydia will work with Rose to transition

–        Cheryl nominated Rachel as Clerk, Rachel accepted. This starts her two-year term as Clerk.

–        Cheryl nominated Joe to re-affirm as Treasurer, Joe accepted. This is the second year of his two-year term as Treasurer.

–        Jennifer is re-affirmed for a second year as Vice President for programs


–        Future events: Apple-picking trip in the fall?

–        UUCW Craft Fair — GWUUCM will get a booth to use for fundraising

–        Making jam from Cheryl’s berries? (look into liabilities)

–        Debbie Merrill (Clark faculty) will be connected as potential liaison between GWUUCM and UUCW

–        Future minister/chaplain’s role:

           Cheryl has possible connections to tap in circle of recent DRE/divinity school grads

           Rev. M. Lara Hoke (?)

           Erica Richman (founding CUUF member)

           Erica Rose Long (recent Harvard Divinity grad — Lydia’s friend)

           ** thinking about who/what we need — an older/experienced presence, or younger connection?

           CUUF survey?? Google Form to ask how people felt about the group, chaplain’s role (start to figure out what we’re really looking for in a future chaplain)

–        Figure out celebrating for Lydia! Trip to Walden Pond??

–        Events this fall: farming day in Grafton? Boston trip — Arlington St. Church? Transcendentalism tour (with WPI professor?)

**         NEXT MEETING: July 2, 3, 10, 23, 24? Rose will send out Doodle. Summer gathering and event planning.

**         Lydia needs dates for apple picking

–        Rose will start uploading meeting minutes to new website