Terms: ‘Echoes’, ‘Borough’, ‘Anchor’

Echo: Echoes inhabit the districts of Hub, populating them with ‘echoes’ of the people that would naturally be part of that districts universe. You can NPC these echoes to advance your RP.

I.e MCU Tony Stark is a PC in Hub, living in that district’s echo Avengers Tower, he can interact with and NPC the echoes of Pepper Potts and any other expected member of his circle.

When a PC Pepper Pots from that universe is apped she can either adopt the history of the echo or app ‘fresh’.

If the 616 Pepper is apped, the MCU echo does not vanish.

Boroughs: When an Anchor character is approved a new Borough is created in Hub with all the landmarks the Anchor character listed.

Each Borough is large enough to hold all the landmarks but only takes a maximum of an hour to cross. why? Because Hub.

The Boroughs mimic the home universe exactly, any technology, magic, other that can be created or ‘charged’ from that home universe can be done there.

Each new non Anchor character from an Anchored Universe can add their own non existing landmarks.

I.e 616 Avengers mansion and parts of New York City have already been established by 616 Wanda Maximoff.

616 Richard Reeds is apped with the Baxter Building. That location now appears in the Marvel District along with the already created landmarks.

Now if Fox movies Reed Richards is apped he also gets a Baxter Building, occupying the same space as the 616 Building. How? Because Hub.

Does Fox Richards wish to talk to 616? Sure in Hub reality is fluid, you see what you expect, so if Fox Richards ‘expects’ to walk into a different Baxter Building he will.


An Anchor character sets up the timeline, portal location and attributes of the Universe he anchors. As well as the starting landmarks of the Hub Borough.