Code of Conduct

V7.0  edit 2.27.19

Please email for issues.

You are responsible for reporting problems in the community, We cannot fix problems if we aren’t aware of it.

Members Rights We do not allow the following:

Discouraged  We do not encourage the following:

Developers Rights [Game Studios] Rules that are usually set by developers.

Community Rights [Chaos] to protect the Chaos Reputation. 

The Chaos Name


Rules [Basic Understandings] What helps prevent the real Chaos.

(See Ranks in the: Ranking Structure Guide


Ranks, Emblems, Mottos and responsibilities.


Part 1: How to become a good officer.

Communication: Let us know availability, forward info received to lower ranks, use discord informer.

Activity: Participate, interact with new members, get involved.

Hospitality: Welcome new recruits, introduce people, keep involved.

Recruiting: Help members bring in new recruits, go recruiting yourself. Quality over Quantity.

Reinforcement: Help your fellow officers, Recruiting, Hosting, Attendance.

Play with people, try to interact with everyone, Some of our best members have been hidden in plain sight. Lead by example, if your not willing to do something why should your members?

Activites. How to run a game night:

*Around the time people leave school and work and check their messages*

“Remember, Activity is key to moving up or maintaining rank, and keeping the community alive. However no one is required nor expected to come to every activity, or attend every holiday or meeting”

- Mr Mike Chaos [Founder]

Attendance, How we track activity:

Guest, retired members, everyone counts it is proof of your activity, your recruits, upper leadership and everyone else's activity. Promotions are based off activity within the community. No attendance means no activity.

Meetings, Community news and promotions:

Remind members to keep quiet and focused, mute your mics, Faster meeting = faster to game.

  1. Take attendance, everyone counts.
  2. Community overview, numbers and changes since last meeting.
  3. Activity review, issues with gamenights and lobbies.
  4. Community updates: Competitions or tournaments.
  5. Discord updates.
  6. Promotion announcements, message those who aren't there.
  7. Questions, comments concerns, Question of the day trivia.

Promotions: Member acknowledgement.

Part 2: How to be a good commander.

Gamenights: If host is unable you are expected to step in and find a solution.

Attendance: You are responsible for your officers taking attendance.

Meetings: Hold at least one meeting a week.

Officer meetings should confirm the following:

  1. Who is hosting each night and themes of activity.
  2. Code of conduct violations during the gamenights.
  3. Current members count, state of community and confirmation from officers
  4. Discuss tips on recruiting and how to increase activity.
  5. Promotions for those eligible.  

Core Report: Member, Schedule, and community  issues. And information 

When removing everyone counts, add them to community Member archive. No exceptions.

LOA: Leave of absence. & “Taking a step back”

Officer Removals: What do do when a officer leaves or retires.

Demotions: Falling out of good standing. 

FYI: Things you should know.

We are nothing without your members.

Part 3: Specific situations.

Underage Process: Gaining approval. 

Chaos has a age limit of 16, however it is still easy to gain approval of a underage recruit.

This process was created for when you personally vouch for a underage recruit.

The Commander has the right to approve or deny any underage prospect.

  1. The underage recruit must guest at 10 gamenights or activities without issue.
  2. Officers must agree unanimously to let them join.
  3. Prospect can continue to guest and work on issues if denied by less than half. 
  4. Director must approve of prospect.

Banishments: When people don’t follow the rules.

Visit for the full banned list.

Commander Rounds: What you need to become a commander.

Commander Rounds are when you sit down with a commander and higher and talk about leadership responsibilities, Advice, Critique, Socialize and are used for leaders to get a feel for you.