Auto End of War Removed

Better War Rewards


Rune Improvements

After releasing the Rune update in 2.3, we got some good feedback the Fusion was tuned too hard. You either needed a lot of Offerings, a lot of luck, or a lot of Crystal Shrines. We agree with that feedback and made two big changes:

Together, these changes should make it significantly easier to grind for Fusion points. They should also increase the value of the Stone Shrine since you’re more likely to get good Fusion materials from it.

Bug Fixes

Server-Side War Changes (Starting 6/13)

Two War Attempts

In 2.3 we added the ability to have 3 attempts for each War attack. We are lowering that to 2 total: one main attack and one retry. Overall, players felt that 3 total attacks made War too forgiving and we agree.

Variable Sword Threshold

We changed up the number of Swords you need in order to win a War Battle. The number you need now depends on the average Crown Rating of the attacking and defending guild. The higher that average, the higher the threshold will be. The percent of the total Swords needed for a win now ranges from 35% to 95%.

This change is designed to simultaneously help weaker guilds win more and encourage more competition among the top guilds.

New Formula for Crowns Won/Lost

We changed up how we compute the Crowns won/lost in War Battles. The two big changes are:

More Variety in War NPCs

You will notice the NPCs we choose for this war are some of the the more interesting/unique NPCs. These NPCs should reward guilds who change up their strategy and react to the different NPCs each week. This week won't be the last time we tweak the NPCs for war!


Guilds struggling to collect War wins: Life just got easier.

Top guilds: War just got more challenging (and hopefully more fun)!

Instead of your weekly rank being mostly participation based (did you get the 12 easy wins) and affected by defensive battles you can’t control, you’re going to have to fight for the top slots:

You asked for more competition, so we’re bringing it… along with improved rewards to make it all worthwhile. Enjoy… and see you on the battlefield!*

*Note that we have changes for the Battle matchmaking algorithm itself coming as well. Because we wanted to respond to player feedback as quickly as possible, these changes didn’t make it into 2.3.1. They will most likely arrive in DS 2.4.