MOC General Meeting October 2, 2013


Last meeting taking place outdoors this year! Sad!


Trip Reports

Sarah learned how to roll a kayak for the second time at New Member’s Weekend!


Leith went mountain biking twice at the house on nearby MOC trails. The fall colours are out!


Lots of first timers at the house had an awesome time at New Member’s Weekend! Probably 90 people were there. There were some hikers and brave swimmers! If you haven’t been to the house you should get out there.


Caroline went climbing at Kamouraska and there are pictures on the book of face! She taught some people how to lead and enjoyed freaking them out!


Elodie went bouldering at Val David. It was super intense and fun! Bouldering is when you climb on a boulder LOL. No rope, just crash pads. It’s okay to fall and the climbs are usually under 20 ft vertical.


A group went hiking in New Hampshire at the Franconia Ridge. Some did the 14k while some badasses went for the 25k day hike!


Trip Announcements

Leith is going apple picking at Oka and is still taking signups. Biking 60k to Oka, 70k back. There will be singing, apple picking and camping followed by an epic apple party . He is in need of a driver - if you can drive then you can participate in the trip for free!


Sujay is participating in a bike marathon on the west island this Saturday at 9 am. It is a fundraising event organized by NGOs called ‘Ride for Refuge’. There is a team from McGill leaving Saturday morning to bike to the start of the race. You need to register online for $25, or if you raise over $150 the fee is waived. Sujay will send out an email on listserv with more information!


Elodie is running a trip to Val David on Sunday – bouldering. Cars needed. $20 day trip. If you have a crash pad to bring you get a $5 refund. If you have a car it’s free!


Kaelan will be running an expert level horseback overnight trip north of Ottawa on the 19-20 of October. Leaving Saturday morning, coming back Sunday night and there are only 5 spots so act quickly! It will be $180 total, $80 deposit. There will be a BBQ with the horses but not involving eating the horses…..


Max is going canoe-camping this weekend close to Gatineau. $20 plus gas. He sent out an email on the listserv recently.


Going skiing out west – Alain will be going to the Rockies eventually… Hopefully by winter! He’ll be at upcoming meetings if you’d like to chat to him!


Anna is going on a trip to a biodynamic farm over thanksgiving weekend. It is $15 and you will be biking 70km south of Montreal. Enjoy camping, attending a harvest party, playing instruments and milking cows.


Hossein – the spoken word actor. The Thanksgiving Classic has one spot left, but it is open for drivers! WE NEED DRIVERS! He will give hugs and be special friends with you if that isn’t convincing enough.  Everyone who doesn’t come to meetings should probably come even just to witness Hossein’s speech on Hiking, Fall, Colours, and Beautiful People…


Sarah will be going to the house to map trails on October 19-20. Biking probably to the house unless there is a precious soul out there with a car J


Colin and Hossein ran an awesome seminar after the meeting on how to pack a backpack and light a pocket rocket. Useful skills, guys!


‘til next time.