Chairman:  Mr T May  Tel:  01752 851031

Clerk:  Mrs Vicki White Tel:  01503 232771 Email:

Website –

A meeting of St Germans Parish Council will be held at the

 Bethany Methodist Chapel on 20 May 2013 at 7.30pm

(Planning Applications will be available from 7.00 pm)


Public participation for a maximum of 10 minutes

1.        Police Report

2.        Apologies for absence

            Apologies have been received from Cllr Hodge who is on holiday.

3.         Annual Elections

3.1       Election of Chairperson

3.2       Election of Vice Chairperson

3.3       Declaration of Acceptance of Office – All Cllrs to sign a new declaration.

            Register of Members Interests – All Cllrs to complete a form

3.4       Election of representatives to the following Committees

            Finance and General Purposes Committee

            Burial Ground Committee

            Cornwall Association of Parish and Town Councils    

            Saltash Area Road Safety Committee

            St Germans & District Twinning Association

            Play Park Committees:

            St Germans


            Port Eliot Liaison Committee

            Nut Tree Joint Editorial Committee

4.        Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 29 April 2013

5.        Matters arising from the previous minutes

5.1        Highways – ongoing issues

5.1.1    Highways – new items

            Polbathic – suggestion of a speedwatch at commuter times to enforce the

            30pmh speed limit

5.2        St Germans and District Twinning Association – Report from Cllr


5.3        There are 2 vacancies on St Germans Parish Council, one for the

            Tideford Ward and one for the St Germans Ward and we will need to

            co-opt one person for each vacancy. Both vacancies were advertised on

            8.5.13 and must be filled by 24.6.13.


5.4       Permission for the clerk to publish our meeting dates, the Annual Parish

            Meeting and the makeup of the Parish Council including which Cllrs

            serve on the various sub-committees in the Local Directory, rather than

            the Nut Tree.  

5.5       Annual Accounts, the Return for the year ended 31.3.13 and the Annual

            Governance Statement

            The accounts have been audited by our internal auditor, Clive Murphy and

            will be presented to the Council for approval.

            The Parish Council is responsible for ensuring that there is a sound system of

            internal control, including the preparation of the accounting statements and

            will approve the annual governance statement.

            The annual return for the year ended 31.3.13, once approved by the Parish

            Council and signed by the Chairman, must be submitted to Grant Thornton by


5.6       Additional Cheque Signatory required for the Bank Account

5.7       Asset Register

            The 1/2 acre of land purchased to extend the burial ground has been added to

            the asset register. All Cllrs given an up to date copy

5.8       Tideford Lighting

5.9       Recreation Ground – ground clearing has started and the group will be

            lighting bonfires – they will be re-instating the fence, which will mean no

            further access to the field via the recreation ground. The Group will update the

            Parish Council as work proceeds

5.10     VAT claim

            The clerk has submitted the claim for the refund of the VAT for 2012/2013 –


6.        Playparks

            The clerk has contacted 2 companies regarding the annual inspection

6.1        St Germans

        The gate post on which the lower gate is fixed was found to be rotten. R.

            Prowse will be carrying out the repair                

6.2        Tideford


7.        Burial Ground

7.1       Quercus will undertake the works to clear the footpath and cut back the

            hedge and will also clear the right hand side of the entrance gate

7.2       Tony Cradick will remove the tree stumps and the fence on the old boundary

            on 9.5.13. Cllr May will attend.

7.3       The clerk made enquiries about the size requirements of the 2 stretchers to

            be purchased. Mr Dave Bennett has kindly donated 2 x hardwood timbers of

            the correct size which need sanding and varnishing. Quercus have agreed to

            store the stretchers

7.4       Our solicitor, Mark Grassam suggests we make a voluntary application for the

             registration of our ownership of the burial ground at the Land Registry to give

            the Parish Council a ‘clean’ title. This will cost in the region of £360.

            Meanwhile we can store any legal documents in their fireproof safe free of

            charge. The clerk will take the papers to the Solicitor on 24.5.13

8.        Finance

8.1       EDF invoice for the Tideford lighting from 1.2.13 to 30.4.13 - £51.70

8.2       Invoice from the Molecatcher - £45

8.3       Quercus invoice for strimming Treland Park - £600

8.4       Grant of £1000 to the St Germans Youth Project. This was agreed by the

            Parish Council at their meeting on 29.4.13 but the request was received after

            the publication of the agenda.

8.5       Mark Grassam Solicitors invoice for Professional Charges in relation to the

            original burial ground title deeds - £28

8.6       Cornwall Council invoice for printing the February edition of Nut Tree-114.45

8.7       Clerks expenses May 2013 - £94.87

8.8       The £10,000 invested in fixed term deposits matured on 13.5.13 – this will be

            re-invested for a further 6 months

8.9       Clive Murphy invoice for the recent internal audit of the accounts for

            2012/2013 - £245 if paid by 14.6.13


9.        Planning Applications – none received

10.        Planning Decisions – none received

11.        Planning Correspondence and Reports

11.1     PA12/05854 Lanthrone, Tideford Cross – Foundations Archaeology are

            carrying out works to establish if there is anything of any significance on the


12.        Correspondence Received

12.1     Air Ambulance Trust – sincere apologies from the Chief Executive, Paula

            Martin for not attending the Annual Parish meeting. She was taken ill late in

            the day but will be pleased to re-arrange.

12.2     Zurich Municipal offering parish council insurance – St Germans PC is tied

            into Aviva until October 2014

12.3     Parish and Town Council Precepts Bill 2012-13

12.4     Clerks & Councils Direct – May 2013 edition

12.5     SLCC news bulletin

12.6     Parish Online – planned maintenance between 7.5.13 and 8.5.13

            Newsletter – May edition

12.7     Cornwall Council funding bulletin – Arts & Culture, Business & Economy,

            Community, Environment & Heritage, European & International, Research

12.8     The Directors Role in Leading the Organisation – 2 day course at Salford

12.9     CALC newsletter

12.10   Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty newsletter

12.11   Inclusion Strategy for Cornwall – workshop on 10.5.13 between 9.30am and

            12.00 noon at Liskeard – emailed to all Cllrs

12.12   Workshops: Local Landscape Character Assessment – a further session will be

            held in June but it is not recommended

12.13   SLCC – The Clerk magazine May 2013

12.14   Nut Tree – May edition        

12.15   Rural Services Network – Rural Opportunities Bulletin May 2013

12.16   St John Ambulance advertising training

12.17   CALC’s Training Programme 2013 – emailed to all Cllrs

12.18   Enquiry into research about a master mariner from St Germans

12.19   Esther Richmond welcomes everyone back to the Cornwall Gateway Network

            and is looking forward to the Panel Meeting to be held at Polbathic on 29.5.13

            at 6.30pm

12.20   Rural Services Network – email news digest

12.21   SLCC – minutes of the branch meeting held on 17.4.13

12.22   Rural Services Network – rural vulnerability service

12.23   SLCC news bulletin

13.        Informal Correspondence