Responsible Use of Technology

Friends' Central School encourages the use of technology to enhance and support student learning.  Students need to exercise responsible behavior when using technology and understand that by using any device on campus you are expected to adhere to the community values.

FCS Students Should:

FCS Students Should Not:



General Principles:

Friends’ Central School students use computer facilities on campus to support learning and research and for communication and collaboration. Use of FCS computers and network privileges, including connection to the Internet, requires responsible behavior. Acceptable use must be ethical, legal and considerate. Students must respect the work of others, respect shared resources and observe individual rights to privacy and to freedom from harassment.

FCS students should:

FCS students should not:


FCS reserves the right to examine any files, e-mail messages, logs or other media residing on the School network facilities or any publicly accessible web site for purposes of enforcement of this policy and to protect its systems and networks from systems, users and events that threaten to degrade its operations.

Unacceptable use of Friends’ Central School’s computer facilities undermines our community and its mission. Disregard for proper use of the system will have serious consequences, possibly including loss of network access privileges and/or suspension or expulsion. Parents are advised to consider these guidelines for their children’s computer use at home.