It's Raining Cabbages - Release notes

Update v130 - July 16, 2016

  1. Fixed a bug where all the amazing silly messages would be displayed as "0" in the notification panel/bar. Those of you who were affected, prepare yourself 'cause they're quite something!
  2. The game doesn't say "welcome back" in the notification bar anymore, because… I guess we're now impolite? #ThugLife
  3. Fixed a bug where buttons would sometime not let themselves being clicked, because they were assholes or something.
  4. Fixed a visual bug where you could see some sort of ghost buttons on the left side of the Lion buttons.
  5. Added a hidden/debug way to delete your savefile. Don't do this at home, kids!

Update v129 - June 28, 2016

  1. Buttons have little progress bar to show how much resources are still needed
  2. Fixed a bug where lions could stay stuck between pegs (sorry Kevin, it's fixed now!). The fix is now to tap on those lions to nudge them around until they unstuck! :D
  3. Fixed a bug where the reward screen would kick you out after 1 second if you played on v127 or before.
  4. Implemented a savefile migration thing so it should reduce changes of losing your savefile when a new version comes out
  5. And worked on some secret stuff! ;)

Update v128 - April 4, 2016

  1. Reduced the price of the bonus lion doubler from 12 to 10
  2. The bonus lion doubler now have "bonus" written on it. Still very ugly though!
  3. When level-upping the menhir, it now shows its level and size before and after the levelup in the notification bar
  4. The stats (inventory) on the menhir screen now only display relevant number relevant to the current progression
  5. Fixed some typos (thanks to Mandy)
  6. Fixed a bug where a lion could get stuck on a peg (thanks to Yan)
  7. Fixed a bug where the reward screen would not be up to date when loading a savefile or leaving the reward screen open for a long period of time
  8. Fixed a bug where the menhir could be above its level cap of 30
  9. Fixed a bug where a quest could requires the menhir to be above its level cap
  10. Fixed a bug where snow would not appear during winter when using an old savefile

Update v127 - December 24, 2015

  1. It's Christmas!
  2. It's raining cabbages… and SNOW?!?!?
  3. Menhir now has a level cap of 30 (apparently, some of you were crazy enough to play until the menhir is so big it catches all cabbages and cause massive lags)

Update v126 - September 14, 2015

  1. Automatically load your savefile
  2. Finally fixed the bug where savefile would get crazy big… again!
  3. v126b: Fixed a bug that prevented to update from previous versions to v126.

Update v125 - August 9, 2015

  1. Something new and cool in the "lion pachinko"
  2. Sending lions on mission is now less expensive
  3. The "lion pachinko" now starts faster on (very) slow devices
  4. Lowered the cost of buying bees
  5. Rewards in the reward screen are now more rewarding and sometime easier to accomplish (sending lions on missions especially)
  6. A bunch of bug fixes

Update v124 - June 9, 2015

  1. Glorious bug fixes!
  2. Nope… totally not glorious. Sorry!

Update v123 - June 3, 2015

  1. Improved the layout, physics and balancing of the "lion pachinko" thing
  2. Bees appear next to the menhir after you buy a new one
  3. Bugfix: The savefile won't get bigger and bigger the longer you play
  4. Even better, the game will cleanup your big savefile if it was affected!

Update v122 - May 27, 2015 :

  1. Experimental pachinko-thing happens when collecting from lions
  2. Changed honey conversion cost: now it's 100 honey to get 122 tofus
  3. Minor tweaks to wording of the factory upgrade notification
  4. Fixed a bug where the silo would get too much or too little when away for a long time

Update v121 - May 18, 2015 :

  1. UI update
  2. The craft menu now tries to convert as much stuff as possible (only 1 click needed!!)
  3. Added another use for Honey after the 4th bee is purchased
  4. Added a link to play in full screen (it's right under the Donate button)
  5. Reduced the price of additional bees

Update v120 - April 6, 2015 :

  1. Reduced the cost of buying bees
  2. Reduced the cost of tofu steaks and veggie burgers
  3. Lion missions are now always 1 hour. No more, no less.
  4. FINALLY! The bee bugs where they would fight for cabbages has been FIXED!!! (maybe?)
  5. More consistent labels on arrows (thanks JF for reporting!)
  6. Fixed a bug where the notification would not appear on the menhir when playing from an old savefile

Update v118 - March 1, 2015 :

  1. Reduced the duration of lions' missions
  2. Rebalanced the cost of stuff
  3. Changed the early game progression for new players
  4. #BlueAndBlack  #menhir  #TheDress

Update v117 - Feb 23, 2015 :

  1. Lions are now more reliable and efficient (thanks Kamylle and JF for the feedback)
  2. A notification appears on the menhir when you have enough pills to upgrade it
  3. Some quick and dirty rebalancing

Update v116 - Feb 15, 2015 :

  1. A surprise event if you somehow manage to have a cabbage be dropped in the hole.
  2. Some text and wording have been improved
  3. Extra cabbages will now pass through the silo if the silo is full
  4. Some bug fixes

Update v115 - Jan 21, 2015 :

  1. Minor update with mostly balancing tweaks based on players' reactions
  2. Lowered the cost of upgrading the factory's capacity a little
  3. Corrected a typo in the intro text (thanks Mandy!)
  4. Some bug fixes

Update v114 - Jan 14, 2015 :

  1. The factory now has a capacity, which you can upgrade
  2. Additional screens must be purchased, for a better progression at low levels
  3. New quest types based on all bees or all lions
  4. Re-balancing of the economy of the game
  5. UI improvements: You can now see the cost of lions or crafting even if you can't buy it
  6. 2 free pills and 5 tofu steaks at the beginning of the game
  7. A lot of bug fixes!

Update r110a/b/c - Nov 2, 2014 :

  1. Improvement when displaying big numbers
  2. Bug fixes on the lions and the notification box
  3. r110b: bug fix related with WebGL
  4. r110c: bug fix where the quests would always be reset to the beginning

Update r110 - Oct 19, 2014 :

  1. New stuff to collect: honey and... pills?!
  2. Big rebalancing of the game. About time!
  3. Lions can now bring back multiple items at once based on their level
  4. Some quests were unfair. They've been updated.
  5. Multiple code improvements behind the scene

Update r109a - Sept 28, 2014 :

  1. Added a quest system: get rewarded just for doing stuff!
  2. Removed the save button, since the game already save every time you do anything!
  3. Removed the Vérachou, since it was so broken :(
  4. Other bug fixes

Update r108b - Sept 7, 2014 :

  1. New silo contains the cabbages before the factory transform them into salads.
  2. The game now saves every time you purchase something.
  3. Improved UI.
  4. Bee bug fixes (dropping the cabbage in water, slowing down before catching a cabbage, getting stuck, etc)
  5. The vérachou's light switch is gone. That's a bug. Sorry.
  6. Balancing adjustment.
  7. And lots of non-visible changes in the code (that's why this update took so long)

Update r107 - July 27, 2014 :

  1. New conversion menu to transform stuff into different stuff!
  2. Lions can bring back new stuff
  3. Sending lions on missions now cost salads
  4. The vérachou now evolve through different means
  5. Reorganized space: menu flow should be less confusing
  6. Other bug fixes and improvements

Update r106bait-b - July 14, 2014 :

  1. New purchase popup
  2. Notifications now blink the notification box, making them more visible
  3. 300% more silly messages! (thanks to fans' suggestions)
  4. Some actually useful (informative) messages too!
  5. Seriously, what the fuck with the damn lions?!
  6. You've never found any lion so far? Maybe if you used bait it would be more efficient? But what could be used as bait?

Update r105b - July 6, 2014 :

  1. Your vérachou can now evolve! :D
  2. Bee AI improvement: They are now a liiiitle less dumb!
  3. Added a system to verify the savefile. It won't allow you to play with a savefile from a previous version, which caused issues.

Update r104 - June 29, 2014 :

  1. Take care of your own vérachou! Feed it and force it to study; just like a real kid! Then, when it's full of love, collect the vérachou eggs!
  2. Added a button to manually save. Very useful if you play on mobile.
  3. Some bugfixes and improvement based on your feedback (thanks!)
  4. More silly messages in the top banner (You can send me suggestions!)

Update r103 - June 22, 2014 :

  1. Bees can have their speed upgraded (but there's now a limit of 4 bees max)
  2. The bees' sizes are relative to their speed
  3. OMG! What's that ugly thing above??
  4. What!? We can see lions? For real this time??

Update June 15, 2014 :

  1. Save system! You can now close the game and your factory will continue to produce!
  2. Fixed the balancing so that factories aren't always full anymore
  3. New store for factory improvements
  4. The button to buy bees is now on page 3
  5. Lions are lurking around
  6. Some behind the scene improvements (camera system, store system, notifications, etc.)

June 8, 2014 :

  1. First version! I just started working on this game yesterday! Woot woot!
  2. Cabbages are falling. The bees will catch them if they fall on your menhir.
  3. The factory turns the cabbages into salads.
  4. Click the menhir and the factory to upgrade to make more salads!
  5. You can also buy more bees. A million bees! Bees everywhere!

Thank you for playing!