[20:34, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: Anyways once Toochi is here we will wanna say welcome to de evening show
[20:35, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: So "Toochi" interesting name
[20:35, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: Will u tell us how u came by it pls
[20:38, 7/5/2015] Kafui: In my first yr at uni, a friend and i made up a story abt a boy called tochukwu.
This was part of an entertainment my hostel mates and i decided to ve.
[20:38, 7/5/2015] Kafui: The name stuck

[20:40, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: Wow so a character in a Kwaku ananse story u cooked up turned out to be ur name
[20:40, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: Ok so let's go back into time
[20:40, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: What kinda family were u born into
[20:41, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: And hw was growing up?
[20:41, 7/5/2015] Kafui: I was born into a Catholic family. First child of 5 children
[20:42, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: De first
[20:43, 7/5/2015] Kafui: Growing up, i shared everything with my siblings.
I attended 'Saito', and even though i don't come from a rich family, i've never experienced poverty

[20:43, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: Did u grow up in Ghana?
[20:44, 7/5/2015] Kafui: Yes. Born and bred in Tema
[20:44, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: Oh ok
[20:44, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: TM boy
[20:45, 7/5/2015] Kafui: One time!
[20:45, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: What's your opinion on same sex marriage?
[20:45, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: So where did u start education?
[20:47, 7/5/2015] Kafui: I don't support 'trumutu'.
However, I won't judge such individuals for their choices.
[20:48, 7/5/2015] Kafui: I began my education at Martha's Day Care/Comm. 1 No.3 Day Care
[20:48, 7/5/2015] Kafui: Then to Oninku Drive '2' Basic sch

[20:49, 7/5/2015] Frank: U won't judge means u will let is pass abi?
[20:49, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: Ok
[20:49, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: What's about same sex marriage that you wouldn't support?
[20:49, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: And then?
[20:49, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Not sure I got your answer?
[20:50, 7/5/2015] Kafui:
Then to St. Mary's Sem. SHS, Lolobi in the Volta Region. Then to the CUCG
[20:50, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: Oh I see
[20:51, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Charles
[20:51, 7/5/2015] ‪+233 20 828 0368‬: Yeah
[20:51, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: So wat kind of a student were u in ur early childhood days?
[20:51, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Please wait for your turn on the hot seat
[20:52, 7/5/2015] Kafui: I see the same sex issue just as i see every other vice/sin. Not judging means that, i won't call for it to be criminalised.
If we want to be fair, abortionists, fornicators, liers, cheats, murderers, gossips, pilferers etc shd all be criminals
[20:52, 7/5/2015] Kafui: Ekow, does that help?
[20:53, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Yeap
[20:53, 7/5/2015] Kafui: Dan, I was a 'saito champion'. Every teacher's pet. I got an average of 10 1st positions out of the 12 subjects taught. I began working the Continuous Assessment for my teachers in Class 4
[20:54, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: Wow
[20:54, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: A proper 'shark'
[20:55, 7/5/2015] Kafui: 🙈
[20:55, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: If I were to ask any of your students what kind of a lecture you are. What will be his/her answer?
[20:55, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: So wat wud be ur fondest moment as a kid?
[20:56, 7/5/2015] Kafui: Fair, but firm.
That's what my students will say
[20:57, 7/5/2015] Kafui: Fondest memory will be the timevI travelled with my mum ti Togo, to mert her family. On our return, my whole school wardrobe was changed.
[20:58, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: Lol... ur whole sch wardrobe was changed
[20:58, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: ??
[20:58, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: Hw?
[20:59, 7/5/2015] Kafui: uniform, shoes, socks, stationery, bag ...
[20:59, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: what has been ur greatest challenge since 2009, and hw did u overcome it?
[21:00, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: Am sure u enjoyed ur trip den
[21:01, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: So y St. Mary's Sem?
[21:01, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Who is your role model? and how sort of influence has he made in your life.
[21:02, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: Did u want to be a father ?
[21:02, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: What*
[21:02, 7/5/2015] Kafui: Hehe.
My greatest challenge is believing in my capabilities, and facing my fear of failure.
I haven't fully overcome it, but i'm taking steps by adsociating with ppl who believe in me and encourage me in my endeavours. I also intend to switch jobs so my passions can be fully attended to
[21:03, 7/5/2015] Kafui: Until i was 11, i wanted to be a Roman Cath. priest.
Then i realised there are 2 kinds of priests:
[21:03, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: I mean a Catholic priest
[21:04, 7/5/2015] Kafui: Priest for self, and priest for Christ
[21:04, 7/5/2015] Bóóléé: Ok
[21:05, 7/5/2015] Kafui: The self one is the one who listens to ppl who tell him being a priest wld be a good fit for them. They loom at the cars, offertory, doors that can be opened for them, etc
[21:05, 7/5/2015] Kafui: The one for Christ is the genuine one
[21:05, 7/5/2015] Kafui: I didn't get a call, so there was no need to force an answer
[21:06, 7/5/2015] Kafui: When it comes to role models, i don't think i ve a specific one in mind.
My dad tops them though
[21:07, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Who is your role model? and what sort of influence has he made in your life.
[21:08, 7/5/2015] Kafui: His influence has been a silent, effective one, proving that dedication, hardwork, integrity, respect and family, are never to be overlooked.
[21:10, 7/5/2015] Kafui: I had wanted to attend Pope John's, but my dad decided I shd attend St. Mary's bcos it was closer to my grandparents, and my 2 uncles ( both priests) had attended it
[21:10, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: If you had the chance to correct anything you did in the past what will it be?
[21:11, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Just one
[21:12, 7/5/2015] Kafui: Reassuring my ex of my commitment to her, and marrying her, without chasing my job.
[21:13, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Lovely
[21:14, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: 👍
[21:14, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Booles
[21:14, 7/5/2015] Realitee: 👍
[21:15, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Toochi has been on the seat for an hour and it his right the we end the show for this evening.
[21:15, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Master key
[21:16, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: On behalf of the group thanks for your time
[21:16, 7/5/2015] Realitee: I have a question
[21:16, 7/5/2015] Kafui: Thanks for the opportunity
[21:16, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Oh go ahead
[21:16, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Last question from Realitee
[21:16, 7/5/2015] Realitee: Toochi
[21:17, 7/5/2015] Kafui: Yessa
[21:17, 7/5/2015] Realitee: At what age did you break your virginity?
[21:17, 7/5/2015] Kafui: 22
[21:18, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: 👀👀👀
[21:18, 7/5/2015] Realitee: 👍
[21:18, 7/5/2015] Realitee: Good
[21:18, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Realitee thanks for asking the last question
[21:19, 7/5/2015] Lil Wayne: Toochi till we meet again on this platform do have a good night
[21:20, 7/5/2015] Kafui: Same to u, guys
[21:20, 7/5/2015] Realitee: 👏👏👏👏👏