Phillips Brooks House


Welcome to the Phillips Brooks House, the Center for Public Service and Engaged Scholarship at Harvard College. This building is home to several offices, including CPIC, PBHA, and PSN, which are all supported by the Phillips Brooks House department. We aim to make this space an inviting an open space to all members of the Harvard community, with a special focus on supporting those working in public service and promoting social change. We are fortunate that our campus is very active in this regard, and our building is constantly put to good use. The following are guidelines to help us keep the building clean and accessible to continue facilitating all of the great work that happens on and off campus.

General Guidelines

To maintain the beauty of this restored building, we ask that bicycles and pets remain outside and there is no smoking in any part of the building or surrounding area. Absolutely no tape is allowed on any wood surfaces (including floors) and all decorations and food must be cleaned up after use. In an effort to keep the building clutter-free, all lost and find items, or items left out, or  not properly stored will be collected on a daily basis. These items will be stored in the lost and found bin at the reception for up to a month. The lost and found will be cleaned out monthly.

Building Hours: 

Monday thru Friday (8 am - 9:30 pm)

Saturday (10 am - 6 pm); Sunday (11 am - 7 pm)

During building hours a staff member is on hand to secure the building.  Only Phillips Brooks House staff and the student officers of PBHA and PSN presidents may stay in, or enter the building after is it officially closed. Non-officer students or other members of the community may not remain in the building after it is closed unless accompanied by an officer or staff member.


Meeting Rooms

Offices at the College and student organizations affiliated with Phillips Brooks House, including all PBHA and PSN groups, are permitted to request room and equipment reservations at PBH during building hours. Rooms may also be reserved for non-resident organizations when space is available, however we will give priority to public service groups affiliated with the building (PBHA and PSN). Any outside organization, including Harvard-affiliated offices, that wishes to reserve a room must have a PBH sponsoring staff member vouch for the organization and be present to assume responsibility and help coordinate the use of the building.

When using a PBH room for a meeting or event, the group the reservation is under is responsible for cleaning up after the event and putting furniture back in its original location. Absolutely no tape is allowed on any wood surfaces and all decorations and food must be cleaned up after use. Any furniture brought in from outside must be cleared by building staff. Damages to the property incurred during the event will be charged to the organization under the reservation, and groups that consistently leave a mess or damage property may have reservation privileges restricted. Groups are able to reserve rooms in the Phillips Brooks House by contacting the Building Manager, Bob Kelly. Please provide the

following information with your reservation: the group for which you are reserving a

room, the size of your group and the time and duration of your event. Allow up to 48 hours for

confirmation of reservation.

Available Rooms Are As Follows:                                            





Parlor Room

1st Floor


TV, chairs (wheelchair accessible)

Leighton Room

2nd Floor


Conference table, chairs

Shepard Room

2nd Floor


Sofas, chairs, coffee table, small board

Bettens Room

3rd Floor


Whiteboard, movable tables, chairs

Alcohol Policy

If an event at PBH includes the service of alcohol, it should be planned in accordance with the Harvard College Alcohol Policy. The section Policies and Procedures Governing Social Events on Campus provides specific guidance for student organization leaders.

Kitchen Use

The kitchen, located in PBH basement, is a common resource for authorized personnel. Authorized personnel include PBH Staff and officers and members of PBHA and PSN.  Individuals and groups who use the kitchen are responsible for helping keep it clean. All food stored in the refrigerator or freezer must be labeled with a name and date. Unmarked food and anything older than two weeks will be disposed of. We encourage all members of the PBH community to help clean up after each other, however we expect individuals and groups to clean up their own mess and leave the kitchen cleaner than it was before them. Groups and individuals who abuse kitchen privileges can be held responsible for any damages, in addition to losing kitchen privileges. Groups who plan to use the kitchen for small gatherings and large events must contact the building manager in advance to reserve the kitchen.

Food items should not be left out overnight, all food, including small packaged items should be stored in sturdy, air-tight containers. Even non-perishable food in thin packages, such as hot chocolate and candies, will attract rodents and should be stored properly.



Common Room

The common room is available during building hours as a social space for informal meetings and relaxation. The common room features a large whiteboard wall, TV and DVD player*, couches, small work tables, computers, and printer. The room cannot be reserved for group meetings or closed events and must remain open to the entire campus. No furniture is allowed to leave the common room.

*Groups or individuals wanting to use the DVD player must contact the building manager 24-hours prior.

Computers and Printers

There are computers and printers in the basement and third floor available for student use with their HUID log in. Printers are also available wirelessly from laptops using Papercut software, which charges directly to the individual’s account. PBHA and PSN groups have group printing available, and should reach out to the PSN Manager or the PBHA Program Chairs for more information regarding account login information.


Student organizations affiliated with PBHA and PSN are assigned copier codes for the first and third floor copiers. Groups should contact the department administrator regarding their code assignments.


The office supplies, other than copier paper, in the PBH Conference Room are paid for by PBHA for PBHA internal use. Individual groups must purchase their own supplies for group use. Art supplies stored in the conference room are available to any groups, any groups with leftover materials are encouraged to donate items as well. Any dry goods or paper plates and other disposable diningware stored in the kitchen is available to anyone.


In order for a student organization to qualify for a locker at the Phillips Brooks House, they must be affiliated with the Phillips Brooks House Association or the Public Service Network. Each organization is allowed one representative to apply for a locker on its behalf.The original applicant is the responsible representative for the group, and must ensure to keep the locker clean, free of stickers and tape, and any other damages. When applying groups must  also agree to clean out the locker and re-apply on an annual basis. Representatives who do not uphold these terms are subject to lose locker privileges and contents of locker may be disposed of if representative fails to keep the locker clean and  does not respond to requests.

Short-term lockers are available for programs who do not need long-term storage of items. Short term lockers will be cleaned out monthly on the last Wednesday of each month. Anything left in the short-term lockers at that time will be disposed of.

Locker Sizes: 18w x 18d x 16h (milk crate), 18w x 18d x 27h (2 x milkcrate)

Equipment Closet

The Phillips Brooks House Equipment Closet is located in the basement hallway. Student representatives of affiliated public service organizations may request to check equipment out by contacting the building manager at least 24-hours in advance. All items must be returned in their original condition within 24 hours, or the organization will be responsible for replacing the borrowed equipment. Groups that are consistently late or fail to return items may be restricted from borrowing equipment in the future.

Equipment available for check-out include the following:

Folding Tables (4)

Cart (1)

Projector (1)

Projector Screen (1)

Tripods (3)

Building Manager Contact:

Bob Kelly,, 617-496-0464

Department Administrator Contact:

Heidi Wickersham,, 617-496-4171