Conducting: Sister Williams and Sister Hulme

Musical Number: Sister Hall Hymn #165 Abide With Me ‘Tis Eventide

Opening Prayer: Sister Tang

Our Purpose: Sister Fang

Role Play: Sister Troncosos and Chaiyapat

Special Guest: Reyna Aberto

Renya Aberto is a recently returned missionary who spoke to the Sisters of Temple Square about how Relief Society and missionary work go together. She first talked about the purpose of Relief Society, which was to comfort and uplift both women and their families. She related a talk that she had heard in the MTC by Elder Bednar in which he says that the difference between Christ and ourselves is that Christ will turn outward to help those around him when most of us would instinctively turn inward. As a Relief Society, it is so important that we turn outward and see the needs of our fellow sisters.



Departing Sisters Song: Called to Serve

 Departing Sisters from right to Left:

(Sister Chiu, Sister Cruz, Sister O’Neill, Sister Lu, Sister Morales, Sister Leyes, Sister Romeo, Sister Lopez, Sister Cabello, Sister Ghetti Remor, Sister Almieda, Sister Nyamdeleg, Sister Fouti-Makaya, Sister Contreras, Sister Yan, Sister Lam, Sister Chaiyapat, Sister Hu)


Closing Prayer: Sister Rubio