Terms & Conditions of Booking - Beachlands Holidays, Llanelli

Terms & Conditions of Booking

1 The booking refers to the renting of holiday accommodation in Llanelli, Wales. The booking is made on the basis of a holiday let per the Housing Act 1988 Schedule 1, Paragraph 9 & the person booking accepts that this is not an assured tenancy & that no statutory periodic tenancy arises at the end of the booked & contracted rental period.

2 Arrival time is after 2.30 pm on the first day of the rental period. Check out is by 10.00 am on the last day of the rental period. Bookings at peak times Saturday to Saturday but flexibility can be offered at certain times of year.

3 The accommodation will be cleaned & clean linens provided prior to the arrival of guests. In the case of extended rental periods, clean linens & a light clean of the accommodation will be made after 7 days or mid way through holiday duration.

4 Guests may use the Wi-Fi Internet access provided, but are not permitted to download any materials from the Internet over & above normal email downloads. If excessive download charges are found on our Internet account, these will be passed on to the guests & deducted from the security deposit held by us. Under no circumstances are guests permitted to download illegal materials from the Internet.

5 Our own personal bicycles are available for use free of charge and as a gesture of goodwill, but we accept NO responsibility for any injuries sustained whilst using the cycles howsoever caused. Neither are we liable for any loss or damage to any other party or property caused by the user whilst using these bicycles. The bicycles are available on alternate days on a share basis between Beachlands House & Beachlands View guests.  We provide access to the bicycles in good faith, but cannot guarantee their provision due to damage, loss or misuse by previous guests. All guests are required to make good any punctures or buckled wheels they may incur and it is recommended that the cycles are inspected before each use and any damages found reported immediately to us. The cycles are provided for cycling only on either hard surfaces such as tarmac or paving, or very light terrain and are not designed or to be used for stunts or jumps or for riding on harsh or bumpy ground.

6 A non-refundable booking deposit equal to £200 GBP is required within 7 days of making the reservation to secure the chosen dates. The booking is not considered confirmed until the deposit has been paid and funds cleared to our account.

7 Bookings made within 6 weeks of arrival date are required to be paid in full at time of booking, together with the refundable security/damages deposit.

8 The balance due must be paid no later than 6 (six) weeks prior to the holiday start date. Failure to pay the balance by the due date may result in the period being cancelled with forfeiture of the deposit & a requirement for payment of cancellation charges.

9 With the balance, a damages/security deposit of £150 GBP is required which will be held against damage, loss, breakages, excessive Broadband downloads or for excessive cleaning at the end of the rental period. This is refunded after the safe return of keys to the key box and parking permits, immediately upon departure, and an inspection of the property. Any charges incurred for damage or excessive cleaning, downloads etc., will be deducted from the deposit before it is refunded. Guests bringing pets to Beachlands House may be charged a refundable security/damages deposit of £300 GBP.

10 Reasonable access to the property by the owners and/or authorised maintenance personnel is required at all times to undertake ongoing maintenance & repairs. However, we do respect guests’ privacy and will always endeavour to make prior arrangement wherever possible.

11 The rental charge includes all reasonable consumption of electricity or gas used during the holiday period in accordance with seasonal variances.

12 Cancellation - should it be necessary for the booking to be cancelled, this must be notified to us in writing. In all cases, the booking deposit is forfeited and an administration charge of £50 becomes due to enable the vacancy to be re-marketed & promoted. Thereafter, the following charges will also apply: -

Period before first day of holiday

More than 60 days - Booking deposit only forfeited

Between 60 - 45 days - 30% of holiday cost payable

Between 44 - 29 days - 45% of holiday cost payable

Between 28 - 16 days - 60% of holiday cost payable

Between 15 - 01 days - 90% of holiday cost payable

Less than one day - 100% of holiday cost payable

13 Keys are kept in secure key boxes on the outside of the properties. The key box code will be emailed to the person making the booking approximately 7 – 10 days before the holiday rental period starts. The keys must be returned to the key box upon departure for the next guests use. Failure to do so may result in any charges incurred by us to provide the next guests with keys, and will be deducted from your damages/security deposit.

14 11 Guests are strictly forbidden to have copies of any keys made. Lost keys will be charged at £30 per set.

15 The holiday accommodation in its entirety is strictly NON smoking and the maximum occupancy must not be exceeded. The non-smoking policy applies to balconies, stairwells, gardens & garages where applicable.

16 In the unlikely event of there being a complaint about the property, this must be raised with the owner within 24 hours of arrival. Depending on the nature of the problem our local representative will make an inspection & instigate remedial action accordingly.

17 Free parking is provided for one car either on the driveway (House) or in the allocated bay (Penthouse). Cars are parked at the owner's risk. We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to or from the car or any personal belongings whilst in the accommodation.

18 Cars must display a parking permit at all times on the development.  Beachlands House has parking on the driveway for one vehicle and as such does not to display a parking permit.  A Visitor permit is provided for one additional car for guests staying at Beachlands House.

19 Cars belonging to guests at Beachlands View must display a parking permit at all times.  There is one allocated parking space which must display the appropriate parking permit at all times.  Guests are permitted to use one additional Visitors parking space with a Visitors parking permit displayed.

20 Guests who do not display the appropriate parking permits are at risk of being fined for not displaying the correct permit.  beachlands Holidays takes no responsibility for guests not adhering to the parking policy.

21 Parking permits must be placed back into the holiday homes prior to departure.  Failure to return the permits will result in a fee of £30 being deducted from the damages deposit to enable Beachlands Holidays to obtain new permits from the parking enforcement operator.

22 Under the terms of our lease, pets are NOT permitted in Beachlands View and guests must make boarding arrangements for their pets. Pets ARE allowed in Beachlands House - supplementary Terms & Conditions apply for guests bringing pets - please see below.

23 Guests are advised that this is largely a residential area with year round residential occupation and every respect & consideration must to given to the residents of this development. Guests are requested to ensure that they or their children do not make excessive noise whilst in the accommodation, or whilst using stairwells, balconies, or in gardens.

24 This booking form constitutes a contract between the person making the booking & Beachlands Holidays & the rental of this property is not permitted for the purpose of accommodation for Hen or Stag parties. The person making this booking is confirming that the booking made herewith is not in breach of this clause.

25 Guests are reminded that they should make their own arrangements regarding travel insurance if appropriate. Our website has links to non associated insurers.

26 By making a booking and payment you are agreeing to & accepting these terms & conditions.

Supplementary Terms & Conditions for Bringing Pets to Beachlands House

1 As Beachlands House is also visited by families with children, it is essential that there is no dog excrement residue in the garden into which an incoming child guest could walk & subsequently transfer this to their hands & ingest faeces. This can infect humans with Toxocariasis which can cause blindness.

2 Guests are required to collect up their dog’s excrement daily and dispose of it in the appropriate container provided. Please securely tie and place the liner from this bin into the waste bins during your stay and without fail, on your day of departure.

3 We will provide some old towels which can be used to protect floors if your dog comes in from a muddy walk. These should be placed on a wash cycle, prior to, or on the morning of your departure.

4 We will provide suitable bowls for a medium size dog for drinking water and food. If your pet is a smaller or larger breed, please bring your own bowls for this purpose.

5 Please be aware that if any material damage to any items, fixtures or fittings, is caused by your pet(s), the cost of repairs and/or replacing those items will be deducted from your damages deposit. We recommend, but do not enforce, that your pet is crated. Please bring your crate if you have one.

6 Whenever possible, we would appreciate it if dogs are walked externally to Beachlands House to allow them to wee on hard surfaces rather than the lawn, as bitches urine burns the grass and causes unsightly dead patches.

7 Pets are not allowed on any of the furniture or on any beds unless they are protected with suitable coverings supplied by yourself.

8 The garden must be cleared of dog excrement daily and disposed of safely in proper poop bags for dog waste. Please also ensure you pick up after your dog when out on walks especially in areas where children play.

10 We strongly advise that your dog not be left at the house alone for any period of time, even if crated. This is a strange environment which may cause stress and excessive barking and/or excessively damage, for which you will be responsible.

11 Please use your own bowls or the special pet bowls provided to feed your dog.

The above Supplementary Rules & Conditions form part of the Terms & Conditions of booking a stay at Beachlands House with pets. Failure to comply with these may result in monies being retained from your damages/security deposit to cover costs incurred by us due to non compliance by you.