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DT Drawing Project: Future Furniture
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Digital Drawing Project: Future Furniture 2100

Approx Completion Time: 2 hours

Goal: Apply what you've learned about digital 3-D rendering to creating a drawing that represents what you think a piece of furniture might look like in the year 2100.

Step 1: 

Decide on a simple piece of furniture (chair, table, bed, cabinet, sofa, loveseat)

Step 2: 

Think about how that object will look in the future. How will technology and resources (or lack of) change the way things are designed and manufactured?

Step 3:

Create a quick sketch on paper. Keep this next to your computer as you draw.

Step 4:

Render your “Future Furniture” in Rhino.


Save this file as


TURN IN screenshot AND 3D file


This drawing is worth 10 points. 

To get the full 10 points, you must demonstrate:

  • You are comfortable with the basic tools we’ve learned about so far
  • Your drawing reflects 1.5 or more hours of work
  • Your design shows some thought about Step 2 (above)
  • Your drawing is turned in to your shared drive folder