Community support is vital to homeschooling success, especially as students get into middle and high school ages and approach Scholar Phase.

Although SVLA focuses on Scholar Phase with the Scholar School, we desire to provide support, community and training for Core & Love of Learning families to assist them in moving successfully through the phases of learning and be prepared for Scholar Phase


We offer an Associate Membership for individuals who wish to associate with our community. Associate members may attend parent and/or mentor trainings, socials and other events offered through the SVLA community to assist them in their Leadership Education Journey. They will also get preference as members for early registration if they would like to upgrade their membership and register their scholars for classes.

The membership is a minimal $10 a year fee, per family, that simply helps us to provide trainings, socials and events for the community. Associate Members can register anytime throughout the year, but may not attend events until they have registered and paid their Associate Member Fee.

We do ask that all members, including associate members, read the Thomas Jefferson Education book by Oliver Demille and attend an SVLA orientation meeting, or have an orientation interview with a board member, so everyone in the community understands the Leadership Model and goals of the SVLA community and Scholar School. This doesn’t mean you have to be exclusively doing TJED, but rather to create and maintain a common vision within the community.

SVLA does not run it’s own core and love of learning program for younger children, however, we do network with other communities and co-ops, who support leadership education, to help families find the support and community that best meets their individual needs. Any group that supports the leadership model may network with us to help support the homeschool community at large. It does not cost to be part of this network, we are simply offering a place for families to connect with communities.

If you are looking for a community, support and/or guidance in your homeschooling efforts, we invite you to come and join this community. All are welcome!