Stormwater Video Notes                                                Name        Date                        Period

1.  Where does storm water end up?

2.  What is the #1 source of water pollution in the United States?

3.  What are two places that storm water can come from?

4.  True or False – Water that flows into a storm drain will go to a water treatment facility.

5.  What are two cities that are in the Neuse River Basin?

6. More than ______% of people live on major streams and coastal zones.

7.  Why does more sediment and pollution occur in urban areas rather than rural areas?

8. What enters the water after the land around it has been eroded?

9. What can sediment do to aquatic life?

10. Why is polluted storm water harmful?

11. What do phosphates and nitrates do to water when added to water?

12. When dissolved oxygen (DO) levels are too low, what can happen to aquatic life?

13. What is something that the town of River Bend has done to decrease the amount of runoff?

14. What is the reason cities are creating “Wet Ponds” or “Stormwater Wetlands”?

15. What does a “green roof” look like?

16. What is permeable pavement?

17. Why should you wash your car on the grass?

18. What is one element that is studied at the center after the water has been collected from the Neuse River?

19. What does the Secchi disk do?

20. Why is preserving the water quality helpful to North Carolina?

21. Over the next 20 years, how many more people does the Census project will move into North Carolina?

22. List three things that you can do to make sure that our storm drains remain clean.