2019 GaETC Steering Committee

Jill Hobson

Associate Chair, IMS Global Learning Consortium

Dr. David Beeland

Associate Chair, Barrow County Schools

Kate Crawford

Program Chair, Fayette, County Schools

Jeff Eacker

Executive Director and Accountant, McRae Conferences & Trade Shows

Dr. Brian Blanton

President, Georgia Educational Technology

Henry County Schools

Weyman Culp

Board Liaison, Georgia Educational

Technology Consortium, Retired Educator

Holly Banks, CMP

Hotels, Catering and Publications, McRae

Conferences & Trade Shows

Connie Bond

Exhibits Manager, McRae Conferences & Trade Shows

Caroline Bucky-Beaver

Attendee Engagement Chair, Barrow County Schools

Dr. Lisa Burkhalter

Workshops Chair, First District RESA

Amy Denman

Leadership Strand Chair, Madison County Schools

Debbie Dudich

Facilitators Chair, DeKalb County Schools

George Flowers

Database, Hosting, and Email Chair, Thomaston-Upson Schools

Chester Fuller

Publications Support Chair, Walton County Schools

Carolyn Hutcheson

Website Chair, Fulton County Schools

Blair Johnston

Facilities and Security Co-Chair, Lee County Schools

Dr. Paulina Kuforiji

Publicity Co-Chair, Columbus State University

Sonja Lewis

Facilitators Co-Chair, Kendrick High School

Helen Maddox

Sponsorships Co-Chair, Kennesaw State University

Rich Morgan

Facilities, Retired Educator, Lee County Schools

Adam Phyall

Database, Hosting, and Email Co-Chair,  Newton County Schools

Dr. Monica Radcliff

Workshops, Bibb County Schools

Dr. Dutchie Riggsby

Publicity Chair, Columbus State University

Jennifer Stapp

Student Showcase, George Walton Academy

Stephanee Stephens

Sponsorships Chair, Kennesaw State University

Amy Williams

Registration Manager, McRae Conferences &

Trade Shows