Whether working on a computer at school, home, or another location, you want to be sure it is ready to handle most anything that may come up in an online course.  It is recommended that each student use the same/device computer, if at all possible.

Online courses make use of a wide variety of features and technologies such as:  Java, Flash, HTML5, CSS2/3, and depending on the course, other specialized components that help achieve a more immersive learning experience.

Due to the wide array of technologies in our over 100 courses, there are some limitations to browsers and devices that are supported.  At present, our course providers test and verify a wide variety of devices and have ongoing programs to migrate away from any technologies that are not compliant with newer mobile platforms.

The following specifications are general recommendations that have been established to facilitate an optimal user experience. Courseware may run on lower specifications, but user experience may be impacted. When a course has different additional requirements, those will be reflected in the first module of the course.

Minimum Browser Requirements:

Recent versions of the following browsers may be used on a device that supports Java, Flash, and HTML 5, but Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers.

·         Internet Explorer

·         Mozilla Firefox

·         Google Chrome

·         Safari

Required Browser Plugins and Settings:

·         JavaScript enabled

·         Cookies enabled

·         Flash player installed (up to date version)

·         Java installed (up to date version)


Browser version and capabilities can be assessed at:

After using the “What is My Browser” link, take the necessary steps to prepare your computer.  For technical issues requiring a download of software or update of a browser, start with your IT department, tech support at your school, or Internet provider.  Examples of technical issues:  course access, course not loading completely (browser issue or filter issue), email issues, plug-ins needed, updated browser version needed, etc.

There are updates to browsers all the time that can cause issues with display of content and how it was developed that are out of our control.  WVS will notify schools through the Local Education Guide (LEG) or coach at the school as we become aware of issues and potential solutions.  WVS also posts latest technical requirements and support strategies on our website at: 

Students Reporting Unable to See Content:  Looks Like Blank White Board Viewing Area:  Mixed Content http and https must be addressed.  Work with your local IT using the screencasts below as guidance as each browser version is slightly different.

Supported Browser Plug-ins and Settings

The following plug-ins and settings are required:

  • JavaScript enabled
  • Pop ups allowed
  • Cookies enabled
  • Flash 7 or higher installed
  • Java 7 or higher installed
  • Adobe Shockwave Player
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

White list these URLs:

Google Schools:  Please note that students will need the ability to communicate outside of their educational domain for both email communication and access to Google documents from their online teachers and the WVS office etc.  WVS Teacher consultants have unique accounts or sometimes use another educational google domain.  WVS office staff will have endings in 

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

In general, devices such as Google Chromebooks or Nooks that have limited support for Java and Flash will not be compatible with the majority of course offerings.


·         2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor

·         Windows 7, Windows 8

·         2 GB Ram

·         Display settings 1280x1024 resolution or above

·         128MB Graphics Memory and Sound Card



·         Intel Core™ Duo 1.33GHz or above

·         Mac OS X v10.6 or v10.7

·         2 GB RAM

·         Display setting 1280x1024 resolution or above

·         128MB Graphics Memory and Sound Card


Hardware configurations can be accessed as follows:

Windows:  Start Button > Type System Information > Select

Mac: Apple menu > Select About This Mac

Minimum Internet Requirements:

Broadband internet connection (5mbps preferred). Internet connection speed can be assessed at any of the following sites:           

Remember to Log off Completely:

It is important that students completely log out of both Genius, the Student Information System and BUZZ, the Learning Management System. If a student does not log off completely, it can cause errors in connectivity or being kicked off sporadically. The immediate solution is to clear the cache. The connection eventually clears but clearing the cache fixes it faster. The long-term solution is to have the student log out of Genius and BUZZ with the logout button.  This is especially important when multiple students may be utilizing the same technology.  For information on how to clear your cache visit:'s-Cache

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